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3 Temples Not To Miss in Beijing

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Beijing is too big to try and see everything unless you have a month or so (like me!), so I thought I’d list some of the stuff you really can’t miss. Along with the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall, Beijing’s modern buildings, Donghuamen Night Market and the Silk Market (phew), below are the Continue Reading »

Visiting the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China

If you’re staying in a hostel in Beijing, chances are it’ll be around the city centre, hopefully walking distance from these two iconic areas in Beijing. I’m typing this from my hostel, 400m from Tiananmen, sitting in the 6th floor bar, staring at Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum. Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden city are directly opposite Continue Reading »

Seeing the Great Wall of China in Beijing

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One of the most visited sights in the world, and the icon of China. The Great Wall is absolutely unmissable if you’re in China. You have to have your wits about you when you’re organizing your trip to the Great Wall though, there are probably more scammers here than at any other tourist site in Continue Reading »