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It seems that I am always booking flights to destinations all around the world and I’ve been doing it for over a decade now. This means that I have perfected the way to book cheapest flight reservation (حجز طيران) for the dates I need to travel.

When i was booking a flight with Saudi airlines (الخطوط الجوية السعودية) I got to thinking that I really should share my best tips for booking cheaper flights with all of you. They are methods I always use and time after time they save me money, so I hope you use them and find some awesome deals too.

Book Early

I have found that the price of flights gets a lot higher during the 3 weeks leading up to the departure date. So the thing you must do is book early, when you know your dates get online and secure the best price possible. If you can book around 3 months before your departure date then you will be really surprised by what’s on offer, the lower prices should be available up to a month before the flight.

The other little benefit we get when booking early is being able to choose from a large selection of seats, this is very useful if you’re traveling during the peak seasons. No one wants to get stuck in the middle seat.

Be Flexible

If you’re flexible with your plans for travel then you will easily be able to save money. One simple way to save money on your flights is to fly during the middle of the week or fly on the day that the holiday is on – for example flying on christmas day. The second way is to checkout other airports to depart from another airport, for example in London there are several different airports and some may offer cheaper flights than others. So don’t only check the closest airport to where you live.

Be Alert

You don’t need to check out an airline’s webpage every day to see if the price has changed, that’s because you can set up price alerts. These alerts will let you know if your chosen flight has gone up or down in value. Prices can change every day, sometimes the savings can be huge – so make sure you have the alerts set up!

I’m sure several of you have some awesome tips that you can share with us all. I’d love to hear all about your experiences of booking cheap flights and the ways you find them. All you have to do is pop your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys, I hope we all pick up some great gems that help save us money in the future!


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