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Canada is an immense, mostly untouched landscape with an impressive variety of habitats and natural splendor. Snow-crested mountains reflect on the glacial waters and dense forests hide a menagerie of animals, you really have to see the wildlife in Canada to believe it. Wheat prairies create a blanket of gold and under the rugged badlands lay enormous dinosaur fossil beds. The sheer number of national parks and scenic roadways will keep anyone endlessly occupied. Here are five of the most beautiful places in Canada.


Peyto Lake

Nestled in a valley protected by the towering Canadian Rockies is the glacially fed Lake Peyto. In the summertime, rock flour pours into the lake, giving it its trademark intense teal color. Combined with the majestic mountains and widespread forests, it is a stunning sight. Peyto lake is easily accessible through the Icefields Parkway, which cuts through Banff National Park.
peyto lake

The Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park

The closest you’ll get to Mars on this planet. On the west coast of Newfoundland is the expansive Gros Morne National Park. Among the park’s several pristine bays and lush green lands is an arid landscape known as the Tablelands. See the story of the terrain as you walk on rocks from the earth’s mantle, the layer below the crust, forced up to the surface several hundred million years ago.

Tablelands gros morne


Bruce Peninsula
Nestled in the thick forests that pour over the jagged cliff side are some of the oldest trees in not just Ontario, but also North America. Below, near the cool waters of the Georgian Bay, are rare alvars, or limestone barrens. The verdant peninsula is bursting with flora and fauna, including 44 species of orchids and over 120 species of birds.

bruce Peninsula

Kluane  National Park

Welcome to the mountain wilderness. Located in the southwest corner of Yukon Territory, Kluane National Park boasts the highest mountain peak in Canada: Mount Logan. Precipitous mountains and over 2000 glaciers take up over four-fifths of the park’s surface area. The rest is filled with extensive icefields, fertile valleys, and blue waters.

kluane national park

Agawa Canyon

Take a ride on the Agawa Canyon Train Tour as its winding trestle precariously traverses along steep precipices and across expansive gorges. Located in the Canadian Shield, the canyon is a part of the oldest mountain range in the world. Four waterfalls along the edge of the canyon supply the Agawa River below. Come during September or October for a treat: the forests explodes into the vibrant red, purple, and gold colors of autumn.

Agawa_Canyon,  _Ontario



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  2. Explore, discover, relax and go for a holiday with your family to these destinations.Let go your stress and enjoy the serene beauty of these places. Canada has plenty of top destinations to visit.I had been on a holiday to a lakeside inn The Killarney Lodge Inside Algonquin Park Canada last year. What I loved the most was the sunset view from my room and of course the Algonquin Park activities.

    1. sorry, i forgot that one :S Although when i’m paying to cam by the minute, i only ever see the back wall of your room, not even to go by :S

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