7 Things to Know Before Visiting Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the famous tourist spots in Africa for many people around the world. In popular culture, it’s the place where the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar all originated. Tanzania is a popular destination for tourists worldwide who want to go on safari in some of the world’s best national parks.

The country is breathtakingly beautiful, with a welcoming Swahili population and some of the world’s best wildlife. Check out these Tanzania travel tips before you set out for the country.

Serengeti, Tanzania; Image by Hu Chen, Unsplash

1. You need a visa

Visas to Tanzania are required for some nationalities but not others. To enter Tanzania, most foreigners are required to have a visa. Tanzania is visa-free for up to three months for holders of a select few passports. Tanzania eVisas are now available to citizens of nearly every country. And, applying for an eVisa is the most convenient for travelers.

The Tanzanian eVisa process is entirely online. Foreign nationals are not required to make an appointment at the embassy to complete their application. this is a free service.

2. Welcome to the Land of safari

Africa’s safari capital, Tanzania, is a popular destination for tourists. There is a load of wildlife to be seen, and big cats are particularly easy to spot in the wild. Various Tanzanian parks and reserves contain all Big Five members, and the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park both have all five. Safaris in Tanzania can be done for up to two weeks without ever having to leave the bush, as nearly 40% of the country has been designated as a conservation area.

Compared to other African countries, transportation, food, and camping costs are significantly lower here. The Tanzania park fees, however, will slowly eat away at your savings. Foreign visitors to Tanzanian parks must pay ridiculous entrance fees. The only payment method accepted at the gate is a credit card, so be prepared.

3. Kilimanjaro is there

Many people are surprised to know that Mt. Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. The town of Moshi, located at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, is a popular starting point for many adventurers who plan to summit the mountain.

At 5895 meters, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest peak, and one of the seven summits (the highest mountain on each continent). So climbing Kilimanjaro isn’t just a walk in the park. It’s one of Tanzania’s most popular tourist attractions, but you’ll have to fork over between $1500-$3000 to get up there. If you’re looking for a view without climbing, I recommend going to Moshi anyway and hiking to the base camp or up to the mountains. Don’t forget about the national beer of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro beer, which is available at any bar without the need for a sweaty hike.

4. Don’t miss the Nyama Choma festival

Foods possess a significant place in any culture, and Africans are no exception. The Swahili word “nyama choma” means “roasted meat,” and the recipe has been handed down through the generations. An annual barbecue festival is held in Tanzania to honor this special recipe.

People from all over the world visit Dar es Salaam and Arusha to sample the succulent barbecued meats served there. A foodie’s dream come true in March is to be here for the best barbecue ribs, T-bone steak, and other grilled meats in the area.

5. Opt for railway

Traveling by private car with a driver in Tanzania can end up costing you a lot of money and leaving you with a big hole in your wallet. Best travel for anyone planning a trip to Tanzania is that most national parks can be accessed by train as well as the surrounding area. the cost of which is significantly less than the inconvenience of sitting for long periods in an uncomfy car, and you can use that extra cash for more exciting safari experiences!

6. Beaches, Plains, and Mountains

There are simply plenty of things to see and do in Tanzania for a single visit. There are gorgeous turquoise beaches in Zanzibar, lush mountain panoramas in the Usambara Mountains, Africa’s tallest peak, wild jungles in the Mahale Mountains, and infinite plains in the Serengeti. It’s hard to get bored in a country so diverse when it comes to wildlife and culture.

While in Tanzania, we recommend experiencing a variety of weather conditions. After a safari or a climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, many people prefer to relax in one of Zanzibar’s best hotels before returning home.

7. Internet connection is impressive in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the internet is quite reliable. In general, internet connectivity in Africa is very poor, but in Tanzania, the 3G connection is excellent. There is a 3G network that extends from the Usambara Mountains to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

What’s even better than that? Tanzanian data plans are very reasonable. A local sim costs  1000 Tanzanian shillings (0.43 USD) for the sim card, but the actual data cost us 12,000 shillings (5.15 USD) for 10 GB valid for seven days. 

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