Travel is always a significant occasion, particularly if you have to travel across the ocean. An elongated flight may be a difficult test. And maybe it will bring pleasure – it all depends on how you organize it. We tell you how to optimally plan a trip across the ocean, thousands of kilometers and seven time zones to leave the airport feeling cheerful.

1. Select a connecting flight

A direct flight lasts many hours on the way, and after such a long plane journey it is challenging to be cheerful. Allow yourself to relax a little – choose an option with a transfer to one of the European capitals.

Even if the interval between flights is quick, you will at least be able to flex your tingly muscles at the airport. It is especially significant if you are taking children or elderly people on your trip: long flights are not easy for such passengers.

Yes, in this case, your journey will be several hours longer than with a non-stop route, but you will be able to make a pause. And you are unlikely to pay more: These flights can be compared in price to direct ones, and often even cheaper than them.

2. Reduce the risk of jetlag

Switching to different time zones is a big burden on the body. Your desire to sleep after a flight, particularly one across the Atlantic, is unavoidable if you don’t rest on the way. Without special training, for a couple of extra days, your organism may be confused about the time of the day.

The most popular tip is to go to sleep an hour or two later three days before flying. This helps the body gradually get used to the new local time. We also recommend that you reset the clock on all your gadgets to the new time throughout the flight. In case you arrive in the middle of the day, try to sleep on the plane so as not to snooze in bed before supper. Go to sleep when it’s late evening in your new local time.

3. Take care of a convenient place

Ideal if you choose a business class flight. However, it is still possible to travel comfortably in the economy if you know where to sit.

If you are not a fan of the entire flight looking out the window, it is greater to sit in the aisle. So it will be more convenient for you to get up, and you can also stretch your legs: throughout a long flight you will want to do this more than once.

4. Dress properly

Make sure that the clothes are as comfortable as possible, do not restrict movement, and do not rub or irritate. Put on comfortable and loose enough things that will not press and constrain the body. In the chosen clothes it should be comfortable to sleep and relax. The best option will be ordinary jeans with a T-shirt. Also, do not forget to bring a hoodie or a pullover: it may be cool on the plane since air conditioners are always working in the cabin.

5. Take care of the entertainment on board

You will take a smartphone with you, and there will probably be a tablet or computer in your backpack. Don’t forget to grab earphones with noise cancellation and a power bank so that your gadgets work during the entire flight.

No time to download the latest films – it doesn’t matter: Films and music will undoubtedly be available on board. On lengthy flights, there are integrated multimedia systems, even the newest movie.

Finding time to sleep during the flight is preferable, however, if you prefer to use messengers or the Web while traveling, you can do so. But keep in mind that not all air carriers have the technical capability for such a facility.

6. Don’t forget about the liquid

Transatlantic flight forces the body to work at the limit of its capabilities, and high altitude and non-standard air humidity conditions are risk factors for dehydration.

7. Drink more water

Prolonged stay in the cabin of an air-conditioned aircraft leads to drying out of the skin and mucous membranes. If you have sensitive skin, bring moisturizers and lotions for your face and hands.

8. Move!

Even after a lengthy flight, you still can feel cheerful if you get up from your seat more frequently and straighten your stiff limbs.

Make easy gymnastics, for which you do not need a lot of space: stand on tiptoe, stretch, and stretch your neck. It will not only relieve muscle stress but also enhance your vessels, which are experiencing additional stress due to pressure drops.

Besides, before flying, see a physician if you are aware that you suffer from blood vessel issues. Perhaps the doctor will recommend you bring compression socks along. They will increase blood flow and lower the risk of swelling of the legs.

A transatlantic flight is just the start of your wonderful trip. Even a long road will be both cozy and fascinating if you take care of it in advance. Entrust part of the concerns to a reliable airline.

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