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Malaysia offers a diverse selection of cultures, including Indian, Malay, and Chinese. The peninsula  offers some fantastic holiday experiences combining scenery, amenities, and mouth watering cuisines.

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The country has a very obvious religious existence as well as cultural wealth and heritage. Malaysia has a concoction of numerous tourist attractions to keep the visitor enthralled for a very long time.

There are a few places that you should definitely consider visiting if you decide to take a holiday there.

john ward waterfalls in langkawi
Me at a watefall in langkawi


The first place is Pualu Langkawi. Images of swaying coconut palm trees and exotic tropical beaches are commonly associated with this part of Malaysia. The area consists of 99 islands that are sandwiched with gorgeous sandy beaches. Langkawi also hosts major events like the aerospace exhibition along with other local arts and crafts festivals.

Kota Bharu is one of those must see cities if for no other reason purely for it’s immense religious atmosphere. While it has its usual bustling town scene with traffic clogged situations. Its real beauty comes to light only when you drill down past what’s visible. It has palaces, museums and a plethora of local food markets for you to explore all day long.

john ward The Petronas towers
The Petronas towers


If you want some vibrant city life then you should visit  Kuala Lumpur if you can . The capital is modernized to the extent that you’d sometimes think you were in the likes of New York – with all the skyscrapers and technology floating about. One of the main tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Towers.


If you wanted a more relaxed, albeit somewhat isolated type of experience, then the Cameron Highlands is the place to visit. It’s situated at an altitude of 1300m and is populated with tea plantations and forests. You will get to hike around stunning waterfalls, jungle trails, temples as well as other natural landscapes.

The Perhentian islands offer the Malaysian equivalent of what some of the Thai islands boast about. The azure waters and magical pristine while beaches make the islands a very popular tourist  and backpacker destination. To reach here, it’s only a short boat journey from the mainland dock of Kuala Besut. Take advantage of snorkeling, jungle walks and generally lazing about on the beaches.

Hopefully the above highlights will serve to whet your appetite for some of the possibilities that Malaysia can provide the budding tourist.



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