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What is e-learning? The answer to this question may vary depending on whom you ask. Someone in the academic profession may tell you it involves the use of online interactive portals, such as Blackboard, to monitor and discuss educational documents. Business personals will wince about a loathsome web seminar or some new training module. Lastly, there comes the self-pacing individual who has self-enrolled themselves in courses such as those offered by Rosetta Stone.

Nonetheless, whatever category you may belong to it would not matter if you do not understand the content. In a world where there are over 6,500 languages spoken it is difficult to be an expert in every single one. Therefore, many multinational corporations have begun to take the assistance of translation companies for their e-learning localization services. 

Define Localization 

While the translation of your e-learning content is a very vital step for the success of your company, localization will take it to new heights. Localization refers to the adaptation of region-specific language and culture. By localizing, you can enhance your e-learning material and help you convey a clear-cut message. Then again, e-learning content can be a thought-provoking process for even the most experienced individual.

Confronting the Challenges

In most cases, localization addresses problems such as culturally appropriate images, or even the proper counterparts of idioms, jokes, etc. Yet when talking in reference to e-learning or website localization there are challenges that yonder past just the basic whish wash.

Taking our three models in the beginning, we can confront each challenge one-by-one. 

  • In an educational setting, the main issue arises within the program itself. In many western cultures, students are encouraged to do research outside of the classroom settings and relate them back to the classroom. As opposed to an Asian classroom-setting student, treat their teachers as the finite subject authority. Therefore, designing the appropriate online interaction platform can be tricky, as it needs to be adapted to each culture appropriately.
  • When talking about a business setting the best example to look at is a multinational bank. Having a global business has basic challenges as is, but training employees to all follow the same policies and procedures is even more of a hassle. When localizing employee training modules, the problem that comes forth the most is when companies design their content they fail to take into account the text of video. Therefore, when they wish to add subtitles or closed captions there arises the problem of text expansion and shrinkage. Pay attention to these details ahead of time.
  • The final set-up of self-paced modules often deals with the basic characteristics of localization. For example, when talking about online language courses it is vital to address culture appropriate references. Case in point the image of a couple accepting a gift in the form of a wine bottle would be appreciated in France, but the same image can cause an uproar in an Islamic state such as Pakistan where the consumption of alcohol is a taboo act. 

Are There Any Benefits to Localization?

Plentiful. Localization of your e-learning material can help you cut costs, develop a wider global influence, help maintain consistency, and represent your company in an elite manner. From a new employee to the individuals using your e-learning tutorials, everyone wishes to see a certain amount of dedication and commitment on your behalf.

There are primarily four unique features that you should look into –  

  1. Native Translators – Cater to more than 115 languages, therefore unlike many other Urdu translation service providers, we can provide a more personal experience for your localization process. All of our translators are housed on-site resulting in never acquiring the help of a third-party source.
  2. Field Experts – Our subject matter experts provide a hands-on experience to your project. Make sure that they are familiar with any special terminology required for your project.
  3. Quality Control – Being an ISO-17100 certified company 
  4. Quick Turn-Around Time – Do not shy away from a challenge, therefore no matter the timeline or budget we promise a speedy delivery time. 

E-learning localization can be a complex matter, let expert language firms alleviate you from all your worries. From Turkish to Urdu translation services, have your grounds covered.

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