Mount Everest Insurance; Why I Choose Global Rescue

Climbing Mount Everest was the biggest challenge of my life. I had slowly worked up to. With mountaineering, through climbing the other 7 summits (Aconcagua, Elbrus, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Puncak Jaya, as well as Mount Kosciuszko and Mont Blanc), but also with some crazy fitness challenges (250km through the desert, rowing the atlantic, north pole marathon etc etc). But Everest was different. For m any of those challenges I wasn’t covered. But for this, Mount Everest insurance was at the forefront of my mind.

People die on Everest. A lot of people. And people with much better mountain skills than me. And many more get seriously injured, evacuated, permanently hurt. I tried my best to respect all this in the lead up to my Everest Expedition. And with that, I need to ensure I was insured properly. Everest insurance was a complicated matter, so let me make it a bit easier!

Mount Everest summit
Mount Everest summit

What is Everest Insurance?

When you travel, you get travel insurance, right? Normally that’s for a trip to Thailand, or Mexico or somewhere ‘normal’. For that, I use HeyMondo insurance. Then, if you’re a hard core traveler, and go on trips to Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia etc, you need more specific insurance. Most insurance providers don’t cover those places. For that I use SafetyWing.

Well, climbing the highest mountain in the world requires even more specialist insurance. Mount Everest is 8,848m tall (29,029 feet). As soon as you go over 8,000 metres, you’re in the ‘death zone’. As soon as you go over around 6,000m you can no longer get helicopters to save you. The air is too thin for them to run.

Combine that difficult with the reality that those are the exact places you’re most likely to get sick or hurt, that means you need some serious insurance to cover you. If things go wrong, you want to know people are going to save you! So you get specialist Everest Insurance just for that.

Mount Everest insurance
Me at Camp 1

Mount Everest Insurance options

Because climbing Everest is so specialist, that means the options are quite limited. And also that some of the Mount Everest insurance options aren’t so realiable. This is life and death, so the decision for me wasn’t taken lightly. There’s a time to search for ‘the cheapest xxx’, BUT everest insurance is not that time!

After talking to my mountaineer friends, including my expedition leaders from Furtenbach Adventures, I was pointed one place again and again. Global Rescue.

Why I Choose Global Rescue for my Everest Insurance

I trusted the people I got the advice from. But this was a huge decision. So I contacted global rescue myself too. After speaking with them, I discovered that the were THE EXPERTS in Everest. So much so, that they send a western staff member to Nepal to manage their Everesr insurance stuff during the climbing season. Wow! After commiting to them, I delved deeper, and here is why Global Rescue are seen as the best in the everest insurance business:

Specialized Expertise:

Global Rescue is renowned for its specialized expertise in providing emergency medical and evacuation services for adventure sports and high-altitude mountaineering. Their team comprises experienced professionals who understand the unique risks associated with climbing Everest. This expertise instills a sense of confidence in me, knowing that I have a dedicated support system should any unforeseen circumstances arise during my expedition.

Comprehensive Coverage:

When ascending the world’s highest peak, a robust insurance plan is essential. Global Rescue offers comprehensive coverage that includes emergency medical treatment, helicopter evacuation, and repatriation. Their insurance plans are tailored specifically for mountaineering at extreme altitudes, ensuring that I am protected against a wide range of potential risks, from altitude-related illnesses to accidental injuries.

High-Altitude Experience:

One of the primary reasons why Global Rescue is my preferred choice for Everest insurance is their unparalleled experience in dealing with high-altitude rescues. Their team has a successful track record of conducting challenging helicopter evacuations and ground rescue operations in the Himalayas. This expertise reassures me that, if needed, they can efficiently execute rescue operations in the most extreme and remote environments.

Adventure-Specific Services:

Global Rescue goes beyond standard insurance coverage. They offer additional adventure-specific services, such as security advisory and evacuation support during civil unrest or natural disasters. This ensures that my safety and well-being are a top priority throughout my Everest journey, not just during emergencies but also in potentially risky situations.

24/7 Support:

The unpredictable nature of mountain climbing demands round-the-clock support and assistance. Global Rescue’s emergency response center operates 24/7, staffed by medical professionals and crisis response experts who are always ready to provide guidance and aid. Knowing that help is just a call away brings immense peace of mind during such a challenging endeavor.

How Much Does Global Rescue high altitude insurance cost?

Not as much as you think. You can do a quote on their website. But here is a year’s insurance, including high altitude. Peace of mind in an instant:


Q: Are there any restrictions on elevation or the use of technical climbing equipment with Global Rescue?

A: No, Global Rescue does not impose any restrictions on elevation or the use of technical climbing equipment.

Q: Does my Global Rescue membership provide coverage anywhere in the world?

A: Yes, your Global Rescue membership covers you worldwide as long as you are more than 100 miles away from your home and within the latitudinal range below 80° North or above 60° South.

Q: Will I be evacuated if I experience altitude sickness during my expedition?

A: Yes, Global Rescue will arrange for evacuation in cases that necessitate in-patient hospitalization. However, it is important to remember that while having a Global Rescue membership is beneficial, it should not replace common sense or personal responsibility. If any member experiences symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness, they should avoid ascending higher and promptly contact Global Rescue. Their medical teams are well-trained to assess such situations, and they have the support of Global Rescue’s staff physicians, including a leading authority on altitude-related issues.


Thankfully my Everest expedition was successful. And I didn’t need to use any of the services. But plenty of people around me did. Some without insurance, and suddenly they find themselves with bills up to $10,000USD and beyond. Don’t be that guy.

Choosing the right insurance company for a Mount Everest expedition is a decision not to be taken lightly. Global Rescue’s specialized expertise, comprehensive coverage, high-altitude experience, adventure-specific services, and round-the-clock support make them the perfect partner for my journey to the top of the world. As I embark on this life-changing adventure, I can focus on the thrill of reaching the summit, confident that I have a reliable and capable ally in Global Rescue, ready to provide assistance and support should the need arise.

“Global Rescue employs former Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Defense Intelligence Agency Analysts to pluck people from precarious situations”
New York Times

Everest base camp
Me at Everest base camp

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