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If you’re about to make a big move to another city or even to another country, then you’re probably going to need some help finding an apartment especially if you’re not familiar with your new location.

If you are thousands of miles away it’s pretty much impossible to make an informed decision without first seeing the property. Not only do you need a good apartment but you also need to know which of the neighborhoods will suit your lifestyle. Imagine moving to your new city, putting all the stuff in your new place and then realizing the neighborhood you’re in is not what you want – that’s a bad start to your new adventure.

The golden rule in all of this is to never get discouraged, finding an apartment anywhere in the world can be done. There are plenty of companies out there that can help you with the search, by letting you compare different flats, duration of the lease, prices… Nestpick, for example, is a search aggregator that can help you in the search. On the site you will find  NestPick apartment listings for Madrid and Barcelona, Amsterdam and many other cities around the globe. Also, remember to be prepared before you move: if you are planning an International move, take a look at these awesome tips we put together for you, they will certainly make your move smoother

Research The Neighborhoods

The area you live is very important, feeling happy and relaxed when you step out of your home is key. You need to find a neighborhood that is ideal for you. The checklist should include; distance to work, price, amenities and any other things you feel are important to make your lifestyle better.

Ask The Boss

Ok so maybe don’t ask the big boss, but if you’re relocating to a new city then by all means you should ask your employer for some assistance. At the very least they will be able to advise you about the neighborhoods that are a short commute from the office. If you can, try to speak to a few members of staff that are of a similar age because their needs will be similar to yours.

Get What You Want

To get what you want you first have to figure what it is on that list! Once you’ve found the neighborhood it’s time to start thinking about the style of apartment you want – is it a studio or one-bed etc? Also, make a list of the facilities you want it to have, this can include; swimming pool, 24hr security, laundry room, parking and utilities. You’ll probably be signing a lease for 1-2 years so don’t compromise too much on what you want and finally hire someone like Easy Movers and Storers Removals Company for moving your stuff!


So if you’re ready to…..

1) Change your life
2) Travel the world
3) Get paid to travel
4) Create a positive influence on others
5) Be free of offices and ‘real world’ rubbish

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