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You’re traveling and having fun, and now you want to plan a get-together with friends or family. There are a few things you can do to make this event special yet simple. The following will give you some ideas. You can do one of these or combine a few.

A Simple Picnic

The setting for a picnic can be wherever you want. There are city, state, or national parks you can go to. Many places around the country have trails you can stroll on. You will usually find a bench to sit at or a nice place to put a blanket down.

Before you go, pick up a few things from a local store, such as wine (if allowed), bread, cheese, or whatever you choose, and put everything in a knapsack. Be sure to bring a Bluetooth CD stereo system to play a little music.

A Hole in the Wall Restaurant

Foodies love to try new restaurants. If you know the people you are meeting might find this enjoyable, invite them to a local, small restaurant. Be sure to look up reviews online to see what people are saying. You should also try to ask locals to see if they like what is served.

Find out about vegetarians options if necessary for anyone in your party. Try your best to make this a unique eating experience, so find a local restaurant that is doing something different, like maybe they have the biggest burgers in town or something like that.

Flea Market

Flea markets can be found in many cities. Go ahead and find out if there is a popular flea market set up nearby on the day you are meeting with people.

These events are usually outdoors. You might see a lot of unique items you can try on or take pictures of. You’ll probably find things like crystals, stones, antiques, collectibles, and many other interesting items. You will likely see a few food vendors there, too.


There is no doubt that there is going to be one or two interesting museums to go to. Some small towns have a museum dedicated to railroads, while some cities have museums dedicated to space exploration.

Sometimes, the museum ticket gives you access to other local attractions. Just be sure to check on the hours, and head out there for a good time. After the museum trip, you can go to lunch or do so before you visit.

Local Mall

Malls are fun places to go, and they are filled with things to satisfy anyone’s taste. This is a great place for those who love to shop, so if you, your friends, or your family members love shopping, then this is the place to go.

Keep in mind that most malls have excellent food courts with a number of restaurants to visit, which is already a big plus. These locations also have a number of unique stores you can visit together. You are also going to get a good feel of the people in the city or the town in these places since they may be full.

Hopefully, one or some of the options work for you. You can always make any outing a memorable event. You don’t have to try too hard or spend a lot of money because life is quite interesting on its own.


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