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Summer Camping Trips: 8 Ways To Stay Cool This Coming Season

Summer is just around the corner, and most people are eager to spend their time outside of their homes. Camping is probably one of the best ways to spend time connecting with nature and enjoying the summer bliss. However, summer tends to get hotter every year. Experienced campers know that it’s of crucial importance to keep their body temperature at bay so they could enjoy camping without any issues. Thus, here are tips that will help you stay cool on your camping trip during the hot summer days: 


Finding A Shade For Your Tent

One of the most logical things everyone should remember to do is to find the best spot possible to set up your camping tent. That way, you’ll save yourself from suffering the unbearable heat during the day. However, some camping spots don’t have enough shade for every tent, and if that’s the case, make sure to find the most optimal place to help you avoid direct sunlight. If it’s not possible, the next tip may be helpful.


Having A Mesh Tent Helps

Tents made from mesh can do wonders. If you don’t have one already, don’t forget to put it on your camping checklist. The fine mesh walls protect from pesky insects, but, most importantly, they allow the breeze to flow through. The combination of the two is what makes mesh tents an excellent choice for all campers. Additionally, mesh-made tents do not absorb heat as much as traditional tents do.


Utilizing Reflective Sunshade Is A Must

Installing a reflective sunshade in your tent is a must if you want to stay cool during the hot summer while camping. These covers will reflect the heat back to the sky. The whole idea of a reflective sunshade is to either block sunlight from warming up the common area in front of the tent or to save the canvas itself from heating up. Canopies will help campers sleep even during the day, when the sun is high up in the sky. 

Placing the sunshade above the tent for at least 12 inches will allow the circulation of air between the canopy and the tent. The airflow will cool the space surrounding your tent, making it enjoyable to be inside.


Disassembling The Tent During The Day Helps

Pitching a tent is a somewhat complicated task, at least for less experienced campers. Taking it down is a bit easier, but it takes a certain amount of time and skills. Disassembling the tent during the day will keep the tent cool since it won’t be exposed to sunlight throughout the day. This practice does take a lot of time and energy to repeat every day during your camping trip. Still, it’s much better than sleeping in an overheated tent.


Portable Fan Will Help Significantly

A battery-powered portable fan is a life-saving piece of equipment every camper on a budget should have. By having the fan installed within your tent, you’ll have constant airflow, which makes all the difference. Having a portable fan during the night will help you sleep and keep you cool to an extent. Good portable fans are lightweight, and you can mount them on the ceiling, on the tent wall, or place it on the tent floor.


Sleeping On A Hammock Is A Perfect Way To Stay Cool

Hammock camping is a whole new level of the camping experience. All you need is a couple of trees between which you can set up your hammock, and you’re good to go. Sleeping on a hammock provides full-body air circulation, but it also gives a whole new perspective to the world around you. There are plenty of hammock variants available, and if you’re looking for a sleeping hammock, make sure to avoid the lounging one. Today’s hammocks provide campers with a variety of benefits like insect protection, rain protection, and many others.


Soaking A Towel And Placing It Over Your Head And Shoulders Helps

When the weather is scorching hot, you must keep your body temperature down. Soaking a towel and wearing it over your shoulders and head will help you cool yourself off. The damp towel or any other cloth will soak up the heat from your skin before it becomes warm. And when it does become warm, all you need to do is to flip it to another side and use it all over again.


Hydrating Yourself Is A Must

Make sure always to be hydrated during your entire summer camping experience. All the tips in the world won’t help you if your body is dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water and keeping your body hydrated is the number one priority for all campers. Keep in mind that other drinks like sodas and other juices won’t make up for the use of freshwater. Moreover, the sugars found in sodas will only make you thirstier.



If you’re going for a summer camping trip, make sure to stay hydrated and fresh. Bringing along a reflective sunshade and having a mesh-made tent will be of significant help. However, if you want to experience camping on an entirely different level, make sure to bring a sleeping hammock along. Having a portable fan will also help beat the heat.


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