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What’s The Minimum You Should Expect From an Airline?

When it comes to traveling by plane there are literally hundreds of airlines across the world to choose from. Within this there are certain categories which airlines fall into, from luxury businesses to budget travel airlines, and regardless of which you choose, there is a basic standard which you should always expect. Whether you are flying with a reputable airline such as Pakistan International Airline (PIA) or you are flying a budget carrier such as RyanAir, you must expect at least this basic level of care and service. Many fall into the trap of assuming that budget can get away with certain things or that luxury must be great because of the price, but that is not always the case and this is always the very least you must expect.  

Clear Communication 

Given that we very much live in the information age there is absolutely nothing stopping an airline from ensuring that they are able to offer clear communication with you. No matter whether this is a flight confirmation, info about any issues which there may be or perhaps even just a courtesy message to ensure that you are ready for your trip. Communication just gives us that added peace of mind and it costs airlines nothing. 


Customer Service

Just because you pay less for a flight does not mean that you should have to put up with poor customer service from cabin crew, and we have to stop this kind of thinking and hold airlines to account. Equally if you are paying top dollar for your ticket then you should also expect great service, this, unlike most forms of travel, is one where you need to have a lot of faith and trust in the cabin crew, which is why they should always give great service to the paying customer. 


Terms and Conditions 

There will always be small print when it comes to your flight ticket booking, this is the same whether you are downloading an app or creating a profile on a website. What you should expect however is all the key information to be clearly displayed for you. Information like cancellation policies, change of ticket and baggage allowances should be crystal clear and easy for you to find, rather than buried in the fine print. 

Clear Fees

Another naughty trick which some airlines can be guilty of is not properly displaying the prices until the very end of the booking process. If you have been here before then you will know exactly how frustrating this can be. Basically you go through every step of the booking, inputting all of your personal details, only for the site to suddenly add a huge chunk onto the overall price because the precious price didn’t have fees and taxes. This is frustrating and no matter which airline you are using, you shouldn’t have to go through it. 

These are the bare essentials which you should always bear in mind before you book with an airline. 


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