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3 Animal Adventures in South Africa

Peer into a shark’s open jaws. Become an ostrich jockey. Stride side by side with lions. That’s right. You can do all of these things in South Africa. For a truly intimate encounter with the wildlife, try your hand at one of these three epic animal adventures…if you’ve got the guts.   Shark Cage Diving Continue Reading »

Malaria – What Drug You Should Take to Prevent It!

I think it’s fair to say that nobody wants to die on their travels around the world. Death avoidance 101 begins with preventing malaria. Naturally, as a traveler it’s important to always try to care of ourselves and dodgy diets do us no favours, so whether you’re munching down multivitamins, spirulina tablets, echinacea or whatever, every little Continue Reading »

Cage Diving With Great White Sharks in South Africa

South Africa has a lot to offer backpackers and a few weeks gallivanting across Africa’s wealthiest nation wouldn’t be complete without coming face to face with nature’s oldest killing machine – the Great White Shark. How much does it cost to dive with the sharks? Expect to pay around $200 – $250 for the privilege Continue Reading »

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