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Taking a boat ride in Florianopolis, Brazil

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Florianopolis should be on your Brazilian itinerary, it’s as simple as that. Taking the bus ride in from Florianopolis the ‘city’ across to Florianopolis ‘the island’ was nothing short of spectacular. The ride took us between two lagoons, through a mini mountain range, past gorgeous towns perched right on the coasts and finally to my Continue Reading »

A modern wonder

It’s now easier than ever to fly anywhere in the world. A place that is becoming more popular is Rio de Janeiro. Think samba, glittering beaches, carnivals, nature and music. Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Brazil’s famous second city is bursting with colour and excitement. Rio is a 12 hour flight Continue Reading »

5 Best Football Matches to Watch Around the World

Traveling the world is a awesome, traveling the world and watching football (soccer to you yanks) is even better. I’m a massive football fan and whether it’s pretending to be a scout at a Kenyan premier league game (long story) or watching Spain win the World Cup in the stadium in South Africa, I always Continue Reading »

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