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Things to See in Bangladesh – Top 5 Sights

by Johnny Ward

Bangladesh is a country that most people skip on their Asian backpacking trip, and it’s a real shame. Sandwiched between 2 backpacking hotspots, India and Thailand, I’m surprised that more people don’t take the plunge and visit a country where the warmth of people can’t fail to impress you. Bangladesh is one of the poorest Continue Reading »

The Night I Nearly Got Arrested in Bangladesh for NOT having sex with a (non) Prostitute

by Johnny Ward

Guide book – no, local currency – no, map – no, knowledge of the language – no, accommodation booked – no, injections – no… this was my check list as I flew from Bangkok To Dhaka, Bangladesh’s underdeveloped capital. To say I was unprepared would be a bit of an understatement, but it all works Continue Reading »

Malaria – What Drug You Should Take to Prevent It!

by Johnny Ward

I think it’s fair to say that nobody wants to die on their travels around the world. Death avoidance 101 begins with preventing malaria. Naturally, as a traveler it’s important to always try to care of ourselves and dodgy diets do us no favours, so whether you’re munching down multivitamins, spirulina tablets, echinacea or whatever, every little Continue Reading »

What is a TEFL course exactly?!

by Johnny Ward

So you want to teach English overseas, you want to travel the world while you work, you want to live in far flung and exotic countries, you want to enhance your CV and learn a language, you want to have a host of small Asian children running around with an Irish accent (ok that last Continue Reading »

Cheap Travel: Bangladesh

by Johnny Ward

I finished my contract teaching English in Thailand, I had been in Asia well over a year by now and felt quite a home in the continent…. until I went to Bangladesh, suddenly – not so much. So here was the plan: 1) Finish teaching contract in Chiang Mai 2) Travel around Asia for as Continue Reading »

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