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A trip to Walt Disney Orlando is what most kid’s dreams are made of. For parents it’s an exciting time because you get to see your family having fun and a great holiday together, but there’s also the cost that needs to be considered. If you’re travelling from the UK over to Orlando then it certainly isn’t going to be the cheapest holiday you will ever take, having said that it certainly will be one of the best!


I’ve been over to Walt Disney Orlando twice now and the place just keeps on getting better and better. After my two trips to the theme park I certainly learned some very useful tips that I think will help everyone save money if they’re heading over there in the future. If you’ve been to the park then please do let us all know what you enjoyed and any tips you might have for people to save some money on their next visit – just type your words of wisdom in the comment section below.

So, here are my top 3 tips to make sure you have a great holiday with great savings.

Buy your tickets direct from Disney or certified partners

This is an absolute must! There are a range of Walt Disney world tickets available. It’s very easy to get tempted by the draw of massive discounts from third parties, but we all know that if something looks too good to be true it most probably is! There is many a horror story of large groups being turned away because they given fake or incorrect tickets. You don’t want to ruin the holiday for your family and you certainly don’t want to pay twice for tickets.

Keep your eyes peeled for discounts

There are always offers floating around out there, you just need to make sure that you keep your eyes open for them. Sign up for mailing lists so that you get an email the second there’s an offer or discount. I found that the best discounts and deals can be found during the low season. Check out the special packages that include everything you need – accommodation, park tickets and food.

Bring food and drinks

Once you’re inside the park you will soon realise that food and drinks are certainly not cheap. You will be spending enough money as it is, so do the wise thing and pack all your refreshments before you go there. Disney are very fair and allow you to bring whatever you need with you, some people go as far as bringing in massive ice boxes! Bring lots of water because it’s very easy to get dehydrated walking around in the heat all day.


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