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I know traveling these days means a staple trip around South East Asia, followed by a compulsory stint in Australia (camper van, west coast – you know the route) but backpacking can mean so much more, all we need to do is venture a little further, stretch those comfort zones just a little extra and experience something truly genuine – that’s really traveling. If waking up with no plan floats your boat, then you’re welcome to join me anytime. Here are 5 of the more obscure destinations I’ve hit up over the last year or two:


North Korea:

Arguably my furthest delve off the beaten track, North Korea is one of the least visited countries in the world. I’ve blogged about my awesome experiences in North Korea here, here, here and here but to sum it up – this place was a fully fledged time warp. A country where the people have never heard the words google, facebook or email.

kim jong il memorial
Kim Jong Il memorial

No one has any idea who Tom Cruise, David Beckham or Nelson Mandela are. If you manage to make it here it’s a step back in time in every way, food, fashion, architecture and it’ll be one of the most surreal experiences you ever have.

traveling in north korea
Kim Il Song Square in Pyongyang, North Korea



According to the UN I’ve been to Somalia but the northern Somalians would disagree thoroughly. The north of Somalia is a self-declared republic, called Somaliland, which is generally accepted to be much safer (aside from the odd land mind, and kidnapping, and the fact that you still need an armed guard when you leave the capital!). I’ve previously written a quick guide about backpacking in Somalia before so feel free to check that out.

is it safe to visit somalia
Reassuring sign

Somaliland is a great place to visit, if you have an adventurous heart and enjoy the prospect of literally potentially being the ONLY tourist in a whole country, then this is one of your few opportunites. And the locals are the friendliest people you’re ever likely to encounter. Also, check out my story about Fast Eddy, the terrorist and a few chicks in Burkas all wedged into a range rover late at night, quite the story!


armed guards in Somalia
Our armed guard in Somaliland

East Timor:

The world’s newest country until South Sudan recently was granted independence. East Timor has a bloody past during its struggle with Indonesia. There is a huge UN presence here, which has created an entire false economy but if you’re happy to deal with that, East Timor is a wonderful place to wander around.

Un presence East Timor
Un presence in East Timor

I wrote a quick recount about backpacking in East Timor previously, if you end up here as a tourist be prepared to be the only one! Word will quickly get around that there’s ‘new folk’ in town. Also, East Timor’s very own ‘Christ the Redeemer’ wannabe is a cool highlight to the trip.

Jesus Statue East Timor
Jesus Statue East Timor


Khartoum probably isn’t top of the list of most people’s dream destinations, but this promises to be a very unique cultural experience. From witnessing a camel sacrifice in Khartoum (warning: graphic video) to visiting the Sudanese pyramids in the desert, Sudan is a backpacking gem.

camel sacrifice sudan
One of the most intense experiences of my life

The visa is a hassle, and registering with the police isn’t much fun – but deal with all the pitfalls and you’ll really be racking up some backpacking points! Check out my quick guide to backpacking in Sudan if you’re interested.

backpacking in sudan
An awesome day with some cool guys in Khartoum


Not quite as famously dangerous as North Korea, Sudan et al but off the tourist trail still, Bangladesh is an awesome place to cut your ‘real backpacking’ teeth. Cheap, friendly and very, very authentic Bangladesh will offer experiences like you could never predict.

Dhaka Bangladesh
Manic street scenes in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I nearly got arrested for (not) having sex with a prostitute there (madness!), ended up eating a feast with a family in the Bangladesh slums, visited the top 5 sights in Bangladesh, and took a rocket steamer boat down to the bay of Bengal.

cricket in bangladesh
Playing cricket in the slums of Bangladesh


There are 5 of my most obscure backpacking trips, pretty cool memories. Stay tuned for my next article – 5 obscure destinations   I’ll be visiting in 2012. Happy travels!

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9 thoughts on “The 5 Most Obscure Destinations I have Visited

  1. I guess you should visit Egypt too a great experience awaiting there . But you are definitely have a lot of courage to visit a country like N.Korea with its dectator president … Good Luck

  2. Ha ha, man you look like a local with the beard in Sudan. Did you wear those clothes for an entire day?

    While in Bengal, did you go on one of those tours to search for a Bengal tiger?

    1. no mate, just for an hour or so for fun! I really wanna do the bengal tiger safari but i was broke at the time, i should go back and do it now though. Hmmmm thanks for inspiring me again mate 🙂

  3. Wow this is incredible that you’ve been to these places! I’m itching to get to N.Korea.

  4. I can’t get over the amazing places you have been able to visit… I can only hope to share experiences such as these someday! Thanks for sharing!

    1. hey emily, thanks for the love 🙂 it’s been a fun ride! let’s hope we both can top this list in the years to come!

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