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Some of the main destinations from the old continent receive more than 500 million tourists every year. It represents at least 40% of the entire world. Europe has had continued growth in the number of international arrivals. This development has been essential in the economic recovery of many European countries since 2009 as the growing tourism industry contributed to the creation of new employment opportunities and overall economic growth.

This continent has plenty of beautiful and interesting places to visit. Just to mention some places, you have London which is the boundless capital of the world, Lisbon with its light and nostalgia, Paris that is half divine and half human, Amsterdam and its reflections on the water, Berlin with the dynamic nature and Rome that shows the eternal decadence.

Without any doubt, the best way of enjoying your visit to this continent is by having internet access during the whole trip. Keep in mind that it does not matter if you are far away while you keep in contact with your friends and family, and even your boss. Nowadays, you can count on a very useful device to shorten distances. We are talking about the Pocket WiFi Europe, which works as a small wireless access point that connects to the internet through a mobile network. It can transmit a signal that allows any device with enabled WiFi to access the Internet with a fast and secure connection. So, with this device, you can send an assignment from work or share a lot of pictures on your social media platforms from different spots in entire Europe.  

How to Get Internet Access While You Travel In Europe?

Enable Roaming Service With Your Own Mobile Operator

Although technically roaming is no longer being charged in Europe, there are usage limits, and if you exceed these limits, you have to pay an extra charge. However, calls and SMS have no limits. It means you can use them without any extra charge as much as your contract indicates in your local country since the same rates apply as at home. Depending on the type of contract you have about data consumption you will be affected by roaming limits. If you have a limited contract, you have a data bonus with a monthly quota. So, each operator decides how much the extra data charge will be. But, if you have an unlimited contract, the operator can set a limit from which you charge a fee. Just be aware, that you can only enjoy the free roaming opportunities if you own a SIM Card from a European country.

You can roam like home in all these countries of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and in the countries of the European Economic Area: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.

Public WiFi Networks

There is no doubt that browsing the internet using a public WiFi network sounds super convenient and it can be one of the best options when traveling with a tight budget. Since you will not need to pay anything, you will save that money for other matters like souvenirs or visiting any interesting art gallery or museum. You just need to go tospots like squares, shopping malls, airports, etc to enjoy free WiFi in Europe. There are other places like cafés or restaurants where you can eat something cheap and use its WiFi network to update your social networks or make a quick phone call to your family. However, these free WiFi connections are extremely insecure most times. So, we recommend you not to log into your bank account or any other websites that need your personal information.

Local SIM cards

Although this can be a good alternative for some travelers, some others consider local SIM cards kind of useless. This type of chip only works in a specific country, so its range of action is limited just for a single region or area. But, if you consider this as the best option for your needs, make sure you have an unlocked device that allows you to use any SIM card no matter where you are.

International SIM cards

Different from a local SIM card, international SIM cards work in different countries. So, you will be able to use it in an entire continent without buying a new SIM or changing the phone number and mobile plans each time you go to a different nation. This means you will not need to spend money and time looking for another chip. If you do not really know which is the best option among the international SIM cards, here you have some of the most famous ones:


  • Orange SIM Card (10GB | $49.90) by Orange


      • Data: 10GB Internet
      • Calls: 120 Min International Calls
      • SMS: 1,000 International SMS
      • Credit Validity: 14 days


  • Three Pay As You Go (12GB | $39.90) by Three


      • Data: 12GB data in 4G in all covered countries
      • Calls: Unlimited within Europe
      • SMS: Unlimited within Europe
      • Credit Validity: 30 days


  • Vodafone Data SIM (1GB | $11.50) by Vodafone


    • Data: 1GB of 4G speed
    • Credit Validity: 90 days

Pocket WiFi Rental

Also known as portable WiFi or mobile hotspot, this can be the best way to get Internet access while you travel in Europe. It will allow you to connect several devices such as smartphones, tablets and even laptops, all of them at the same time. A Pocket WiFi Europe works with a SIM card which needs to mobile data to share with the other devices. With a Pocket WiFi for Europe, you will be able to find the way to a monument to visit through your Google map app. You can also find a good restaurant by connecting to Yelp or TripAdvisor, call your loved ones with WhatsApp or Messenger to tell them the best moments of your trip, and last but not least, you can enjoy a secure WiFi network to book a show or activity safely.

There are two main ways to enjoy the Mobile WiFi Rental: You can rent it for a certain period of time or you can buy it recharge it with your favorite mobile hotspot plans every time you use it in Europe. My Webspot is a Pocket WiFi rental website that offers the Pocket WiFi Europe that was exactly made for your needs, no matter if you travel just for fun or if you are constantly traveling to Europe for business. You just need to book your Pocket WiFi Europe online pick it up at your home, hotel or Airport & enjoy the high-speed unlimited Internet in Europe (1GB/Day) and then return your Pocket WiFi Europe with a prepaid envelope or drop it at the airport.

There are MiFi (this word also describes a wireless router that functions as mobile Wi-Fi hotspot) with unlimited data, so you will not need to worry about running out of data Internet during your travel days. This MiFi is perfect your European travel, does not matter which countries you will visit or how many days you are going to spend in the Old Continent.

Here at My Webspot, we care about your needs, that is why we are constantly improving our Pocket WiFi Europe and all our services just for you! This device will provide you high-speed Internet all around the continent, so you will be able to travel without thinking about expensive roaming rates or buying a new SIM card each time you visit a new country. Do not waste more time and money, rent your Pocket WiFi Europe and improve your next trip to Europe!


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