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How to get ready before traveling to Tunisia

Tunisia has always been a popular holiday destination due to its affordability, landmarks and hot weather. Tunis in particular is a relatively safe, prosperous city that attracts many tourists each year. There are many tour guides available and a general welcoming of visitors. There are 450 miles of white sand on the mediterranean and gorgeous food.

Before heading off, it is recommended to book some things ahead of time. Guided tours, taxis and public transport will be easier and possibly cheaper when booking ahead.


Passport and visa requirements

There are many countries that are not required to have a visa when travelling to Tunisia, although there are still some that do. You need a valid passport (at least 6 months left) and there are some eVisa requirements for Tunisia.

Currency and prices

Tunisia’s official currency is the Tunisian Dinar.

Tunisia is an affordable destination. A taxi ride for 30 minutes is around $10, and a decent restaurant meal can set you back around $5. Domestic beer in a bar may cost around $2 to $3. It should be noted that you can likely lower your taxi rate (prior to going on the journey) if you haggle a bit.


No vaccinations are required by law but Hepatitis A and Typhoid are recommended.

When to go

The summer months of July and August are recommended for those that want a relaxing hotel and beach holiday, as this is the hottest time of the year. May and September are recommended if you want to avoid all the busy tourist crowds (it’ll still be hot). It is recommended to wait until autumn for a desert trek however, when the temperature falls slightly.

Understanding the basics of Tunisia


Being in Africa, Tunisia is a very hot country, although it certainly isn’t extreme. The average monthly temperature doesn’t exceed 30°C. July and August, the average temperature is 27°C (81°F). Even visiting during the spring and autumn months is warm enough for t-shirt weather (on average). It is almost guaranteed to be no rainfall in the month of July.


Tunisia’s official language is Arabic. They have their own version, called The Tunisian Derja.  The country essentially mixed Arab with French – which French is commonly spoken in northern Africa.


The capital city of Tunisia is Tunis. Tunis is a popular holiday destination with almost 3 million inhabitants. Its sits on the Mediterranean sea gulf and has many well-known landmarks, museums and hotels.


Tunisia has moderate levels of crime compared to the global average – it has been increasing over the past couple of years however. Theft and burglary is relatively low, whilst corruption and bribery is pretty rife. Generally you should feel safe walking alone in Tunisia, but perhaps be a bit more careful at night time.

There is a threat of terrorism relative to the global average. In 2015, there were two major terrorist attacks, with many lives lost.


Islam is the official religion of Tunisia. Around 99% of the country is Sunni. It is thus recommended to be modest regarding clothing. In the capital city, Tunis, dress is reasonably modern but there are very few tank tops and short skirts. Bikinis should only be worn at the swimming pool or beach.


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