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Traveling, as conscious-altering, soul-expanding and sensation-stimulating as it sometimes can well be, at times, can also be the direct opposite.

Figuring out how to make travel that extra bit more interesting when it becomes something of a repeated luxury, or whether you’re a nomad stumbling from place to place, can sometimes pose an interesting challenge. In order to avoid the packing, unpacking, airport, taxi, hotel blur, perhaps the following pieces of advice can help inject a tiny bit more fun into travel, helping to keep it fresh if you feel the novelty is slowly burning out.


Take Up Old Hobbies and Interests Again

A great thing about travel is that it often provides a lot of down-time. Readjusting your viewpoint to take a look at some of the hobbies and interests you’ve had in the past, which you can do while hopping a bus or taking a plane, is a great way to rekindle old passions and incorporate them into your days again.

Perhaps old interests included fun outdoorsy-activities that you could easily extend to new destinations. Flying a kite is fairly easy to do so, packs up light and gets you outside enjoying the air. Likewise long boarding or skateboarding. It’s the mobile activities that often the best.



Books used to be the long stable medium of whiling away hours spent in transit, shifting from place to place, but now, thanks to smartphones, tablets and ultra-portable laptops, there are a lot more options available to help kill transit time and make it a little bit more interesting.

Movies are a popular choice but don’t really engage people in the same way that interactive gaming of the likes of bgo does. Playing at industry-leading platforms as the aforementioned example of bgo can inject a bit of excitement into a trip, especially given the chance that there’s a way to expand your travel kitty too. Road testing some of the games available, which are often downloadable as apps, can definitely be a key way to spice things up.


Create Competitions or Tournaments

Combining the aforementioned two tips, creating a competition or a tournament involving an interactive activity, that has new friends on the road joining in, is another great way to make travel more fun as well as helping to introduce yourself to new people.

Working even better with children or people of a similar age-group, you can work with what’s around you, whether that’s some kind of hostel facility like a table tennis or pool table or perhaps even a food-eating competition at a Southeast Asian fuel-stop.

The more off-the-wall it is the more fun and engaging it will be, piquing the interests of those around you and possible even seeing you welcomed in by locals to participate in a favourite pastime of their culture.

Making travel a little more interactive, fun and outside-of-the-normal is the name of the game when it comes to overcoming the boredom it can often bring. Hopefully the aforementioned suggestions can serve as some inspiration the next time you find the travel blues creeping in.


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