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Snow skiing can spend quite a bit of money. Some people do not have enough money for it and they are forced to owe but not everyone can just owe. They are hard to borrow because they have a bad credit history. They are classified as bad prayers and this article will explain about loans for bad prayers. If you are one of the bad prayers and you need a quick loan for your ski hobby then you are on the right page.

Can people who are considered bad payers or have been protested get loans? The answer is yes. They can get personal loans for bad credit! Alternative forms to the assignment of the fifth are represented, for example, by the changed loan, by the proxy loan and by the surety.
The changed loan

This type of financing is quite widespread and is part of the category of non-finalized personal loans, ie loans not directly linked to the purchase of a specific asset or service. What characterizes it is the signing of bills whose payment leads to the repayment of the loan. The bills are monthly, for a maximum duration of 120 months. The installments are of a constant amount and are calculated with a fixed rate. Being an enforceable title have the advantage, for those who grant the loan, to be able to proceed with the seizure of the debtor’s assets in case of non-payment of installments.

Who can request it? Employees, self-employed and retired workers. To obtain the changed loan, guarantees are required, which vary according to the applicant:


– Provision for termination benefits (severance indemnity) in the case of state employees, public employees and private companies

– Life insurance policy stipulated for at least two years for self-employed workers

Even the employee who was recently hired can ask for it, but we need a person who can act as guarantor. It is also not necessary to have a current account and can also be granted to foreigners.

Delegated loan

The proxy loan, such as the amended one, falls under non-finalized loans and is also called a payment proxy or a double fifth. In practice, the employee asks his employer to allocate a portion of the monthly salary, for a percentage ranging between 20% and 40%, to the payment of the loan installment.The employer must accept this type of loan and transfer this amount to the credit institution that granted the loan.The payment that the customer decides to pay is fixed and remains constant for the duration of the loan.This form provides an insurance guarantee against the risk of death and loss of employment by the applicant. Also in this case the maximum duration of the loan is 120 months. It is also possible to renew the proxy loan before the same expires, thus obtaining a new loan that, in part, serves to extinguish the one in progress and not yet concluded.

The proxy loan may be requested by employees of:

– Public entities
– State
– Private companies

In the case of a proxy loan made by a State Administration, there must first be an agreement between the bank that provides the loan and the Administration itself. This type of loan may represent an alternative to the sale of the fifth for employees who do not have the necessary seniority for the sale.


Another way to access the credit even if you are bad payers or protestors is to accompany the loan application by a guarantee. In particular, the surety is a personal guarantee in which a third party supports and guarantees those who request funding. Furthermore, the guarantor will be required to meet the debtor’s obligations in the event that he does not pay the agreed installments. If the guarantor pays on behalf of the defaulting debtor, he has the right, after having paid, to have recourse to the latter to recover the sum paid out.

Before subscribing any type of loan, we always suggest to keep in mind the situation of the family budget, so that it harmonizes with any other installments that must be paid, and rely on competent professionals.

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