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When you think of planning to travel, the top considerations are the destination, budget, transportation, and activities. Your mind is on relaxing, exploring new things, and having fun on this much-needed break from your daily activities. What you don’t think about (but really should) are the things that could go wrong while you’re away. Sure, the hope is that you enjoy yourself and nothing goes wrong, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry. 

Lost or Stolen ID, Passport, or Credit Cards

Some of the most important things to bring with you during your travels are your driver’s license, passport, and credit cards. You’ll need these items to pass through airport security, rent a car, and make purchases. If they should get lost or, heaven forbid, stolen, getting around and enjoying your trip is utterly impossible. 

When planning your trip, be sure to make copies of your identification and travel documents. You can store them, along with some cash or an emergency credit card in a hotel safe or somewhere secure in your rental. If you believe your personal belongings have been stolen, however, be sure to alert local authorities and cancel your credit cards immediately. 

Car Accident

Car accidents happen every second. Though being a safe and defensive driver can help to reduce the likelihood of you getting in an accident, sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you’re involved in a serious accident while traveling you want to take action quickly. Start by seeking medical attention. Then, contact local authorities to file a report. Next, contact your insurance provider to file a claim.

If you’re injured and believe the accident wasn’t your fault, you should contact a firm of personal injury lawyers to assist. Since you’re from out of town, you’ll want a trained legal professional working for you to get the matter resolved efficiently. 

Food Poisoning/Sickness

Getting sick while traveling is actually more common than you think. From a food poisoning and seasickness to the flu or a serious virus, lots of travelers report getting sick while they’re away from home. When this happens, decide the most effective options. You can purchase over the counter medication and treat yourself as sometimes conditions (like a headache, allergies, or a small virus) can heal fairly quickly with meds and rest. If you’re really feeling sick, the best option is to visit a doctor’s office, urgent care center, or a hospital to get treatment. 

Though getting sick on vacation can’t be completely avoided, you can lower the risks of it happening. Taking a multivitamin or supplements, eating a well-balanced diet, being mindful of the foods you consume, and being sanitary (washing your hands, covering your mouth, etc), can work to keep you from getting sick.


A car accident isn’t the only type of accident that can happen while you’re on vacation. You could get hurt while hiking a strenuous trail or participating in some other activity. From a tiny scratch to a serious injury, knowing what to do in an emergency is extremely important. Carrying a first aid kit with you can help to resolve small issues like a scrape or cut. Should the injury be more severe, however, contacting local authorities is the best solution. 


Believe it or not, tourists are very often the victims of theft. Locals, looking for an opportunity to take advantage will do anything to get their hands on cash and other valuables. This could include stealing a car, pick-pocketing, or breaking into a hotel room or rental. You can reduce the risk of getting robbed by securing your valuables, locking your vehicle, and keeping your cash and credit cards close to your person. If you are robbed, however, be sure to report it to the police. 

Getting Lost

When you’re in a new place, exploring is all you want to do. Sometimes, however, you could wander off into areas that aren’t safe or get lost. Though you might want to panic it is imperative to stay calm. You can use the map on your smartphone to help direct you back to your hotel. If you don’t have a signal, however, you’ll need to find someone to ask for directions. You can stop in a gas station or shopping center and ask a local how to get back into town. 

Planning to travel is supposed to be all about fun and excitement. Yet, the reality is, life often happens when you least expect it. Should any of the above situations occur while you’re out of town and you haven’t properly prepared, you could find yourself in a world of mess. Devise a plan using the solutions provided above to reduce the chances of anything going wrong and to be prepared if it does.


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