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If you’re planning on taking your family on a trip to the US this year, you’re going to want to make a stop in San Diego, California. Of all the various cities in California, San Diego just happens to be one that is filled with diversity and affordable activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. The best part about traveling to this city is that a lot of the activities are free and/or cheap. You know how much I enjoy a cheap trip, especially when traveling on a budget, so this is certainly a destination worth looking into.

With more than 65 miles of beaches, 200 days of 70 degree or above weather, and several picturesque attractions you and your family are sure to have a great time no matter what time of year you intend to travel. Below are a few activities you might want to give a try:

  • Check out a Beach – I personally love the idea of resting in the sun while working on my tan, so the first recommendation would be to consider the many beaches available in San Diego (all of which are free to the public). If you really enjoy the beach life and enjoy water activities such as surfing, you can easily check the San Diego surf reportonline to determine when the best day is to catch a waves.
  • La Jolla Cove – If you enjoy taking in scenic sites, then you’ll enjoy watching the sunset or rise in La Jolla Cove. The La Jolla community is also an exquisite place to visit in general. There are beautiful homes, restaurants, and great shopping venues. The coastline is also a site to see as there are variations of sea cliffs, reefs, and coves to enjoy.
  • San Diego Bay – Another great location to visit is the San Diego Bay. There is plenty of room for you and your family to have a nice little picnic as you watch the yachts and ships pass by.
  • Spreckels Organ Pavilion – Do you guys enjoy music? Well if you do, then you’ll get a kick out of the free organ concerts that take place at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. Every Sunday around 2pm there is a concert for passersby to enjoy.
  • Old Town – If you’re looking for a bit of San Diego history then you should definitely visit Old Town. You and your family can walk around the various historic buildings that even include some of the oldest schoolhouses in the city along with other destinations like the blacksmith shop, Stewart House, and more.
  • Reuben H. Fleet Science Center – If you love gazing at the stars then this destination is for you. The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center actual hosts a free stargazing event in which everyone gets a chance to look at the stars. Generally held in Balboa Park on the first Wednesday of the month, participants get to look through large telescopes to see the stars light up the night sky.

I could go on for days with the various free and affordable attractions available for tourists in San Diego, California, but it’s probably best that you take a gander for yourself. San Diego is a city filled with a great deal of culture, fun, and excitement that you and your family will enjoy. From famous roadways and landmarks to picturesque beaches, art, music, and culture, you are sure to have a great time creating memories with those you love the most.

Hopefully, I’ve given you a head start on the many options available to you during your travels. Remember to plan ahead and always look for deals to make your trip last longer – and your wallet to spread a little further.



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