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While long term travel sounds like a fun and exciting idea, it can be just as financially intimidating for most people. From accommodations and food to museum tickets, traveling long term involves a ton of expenses that will surely take a huge dent on your savings. But thankfully, there are a few ways to help you save money when traveling long term.

If you do decide to take on a long journey, here are seven great tips on how you could save on your adventure:

  • Get an RTW (round-the-world) ticket


RTW tickets require the passenger to use the ticket within a year from the start date and to end in the same country (but not the same city) where they started. While this can help save money compared to booking flights as you go (and a lot of experienced travelers swear by this), its inflexibility to stay shorter or longer in a particular country than indicated in the itinerary is its biggest drawback. Nevertheless, it is a great money-saving option when traveling long term.

  • Get a Eurail ticket for train travel in Europe


Planning on exploring the most beautiful cities and destinations in Europe? Then, make sure to invest in a Eurail ticket. With a Eurail ticket, you get to travel around Europe, and see its magnificent landscapes, for a very affordable price. Unlike most budget airlines in Europe, Eurail trips don’t have hidden costs and expensive rates for check-in luggage and sites like suggest it’s a good idea. Furthermore, a Eurail ticket offers free and discounted travel on a variety of ferry routes in Europe.

  • Rent a campervan when in New Zealand and Australia


If you are planning on seeing the breathtaking natural wonders of Australia and New Zealand, it is best that you explore these stunning destinations through a rented campervan with a company like Spaceships. With a campervan, not only will you get to see their striking spectacles up close, but you also get to save money on airfare, land transportation and accommodations. .

  • Be flexible with your accommodations


If sleeping in a campervan or camping underneath the stars is not your thing, then you can try out other ways to save on your hotel expenses. Among the most popular – and free – choices are to housesit and couch surf. Less expensive alternatives are backpackers’ inns, transient homes or those offered in sites, such as AirBnB and WithLocals.

  • Be open to do odd jobs


English tutorial is the easiest position to land a job on, but there are also a lot of menial jobs that are often open. You may also decide to wait tables or assist hotels and resorts, in exchange for a place to stay or three full meals a day.

  • Share your adventure online


Those who have been on the road for some time love sharing their adventures through their websites and blogs – and also earn money out of it. While it is not saving money, per se, a successful blog can help cover a portion of the travel expenses through sponsorship and advertising, among many others.

  • Be a traveler, not a tourist


This is, by far, the best tip that you can follow if you want to save money on the road. Avoid the flocks – join the road less travelled and be amazed not just by the amazing places, people and things that you discover, but also by how much money you save in the process.

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