Motivational Monday: Get YOUR Priorities in Order

It’s time for some hard, honest truths. Priorities, priorities, priorities – that’s what they always tell us about right? Do something wrong at school, uni, work – “You need to get your priorities straight”. Next time someone says it, look...
put the past away

Motivational Monday: Put the Past Away

It’s humbling to know that we’ve all made mistakes, hurt the people closest to us, wasted and spurned opportunities, made the wrong decisions. It’s part of what makes us human and what helps connects us together. We’re all in the same boat,...
the world is a Playground

Motivational Monday: The World Is A Playground

When we are kids, everything is an adventure, every thing is a game and our biggest concern is when we can next do something fun. Then we reach adulthood and it’s just supposed to end, just like that. I guess the official turning point is w...
Dream beach

Motivational Monday: Capitalism Gone Mad

When I was in the Philippines waking up every morning to a beautiful sunrise from my $3 beach hut, shaking off last night’s rum with a dip in the azure blue ocean, loving life and really feeling the freedom from my travels I remembered what...
a round tuit

Motivational Monday: “A Round Tuit”

When I was a kid, in my kitchen my mum had hung a small, circular ceramic plate with “A Round Tuit” printed on the centre of it, beneath the title was a small section of text which basically said that people often say they’ll do something w...
done be scared

Motivational Monday: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

I’m currently writing this on a train from Beijing to Ulaan Baator, Mongolia on the first leg of the Trans Siberian Express. I’m in a 4 bed carriage with 2 guys that are fast becoming close friends of mine,   I didn’t even know these dudes...
living life with passion

Motivational Monday: Living with Passion

An Irish travel buddy, Gerard Darragh, of mine was sitting on a bus beside me this week in China and we were talking about life. He recollected a story about how the Romans were the first people to use obituaries for their fallen. They woul...
johnny ward onestep4ward

Motivational Monday: Jealousy isn’t all bad

It’s easy to be jealous of someone who travels around the world, of someone who doesn’t put in the hard corporate yards, of someone with the handsome/beautiful partner, but jealousy is a weak emotion, so acknowledge that and transform it. I...
break the rules

Motivational Monday: Dispelling Myths

We should all embrace lifestyle design, in our own way. We can do what we truly want in life, we just have to believe it. I just want to remove some barriers that a lot of people feel hold them back from following their true dreams: Rules a...

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