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If you want to become a digital nomad and travel around the world month after month, you’ll find that utilizing travel-based loyalty cards and credit cards can make a big difference to your finances. Indeed, these types of programs are so popular nowadays that, according to a Harris Poll, about 50 percent of American adults use either a travel rewards-earning credit or debit card, or have a membership in an airline or hotel rewards program.

With so many different options available these days, it pays to know how to pick the right travel rewards credit card for you. However, once you have cards in place, it’s also important to keep track of them so that you accumulate and then utilize as many benefits as possible, and not let points or other rewards lapse.

If you possess multiple loyalty cards and/or credit and debit cards, it can get tricky trying to stay on top of all the different emails, coupons, terms and conditions, and other aspects that come attached to programmes. One of the best ways to get organized is to enlist the aid of some helpful apps which take the labor and pain out of it. Read on for three cool apps you should check out today.

1. ExpertFlyer

For anyone flying on a regular basis, ExpertFlyer is the app to download. If you are sick of getting stuck in a seat that’s located right near the restrooms, at the back of the plane, or in the middle of a packed aisle, then the app is sure to help you make your travels more enjoyable in the future.

To start with, you can download the free version of ExpertFlyer and enjoy having access to all the latest information on the best seats available to buy as you browse. You can even utilize the app’s technology to receive a notification when the exact seat you want to purchase becomes available.

For additional features, it’s worth signing up to one of the Pro versions of the ExpertFlyer app. The cheapest option is the Basic plan, which costs just under $5 per month. This version of the system allows users to tailor their searches more, whether they want to look only for direct flights to their destination, or want to find frequent flyer program upgrades and awards. (The app covers around 400 different airlines to date). This version of ExpertFlyer also provides customers with timetable data for flights; detailed seat maps; and comprehensive customer support if ever needed.

ExpertFlyer also offers a Premium plan that costs just under $10 per month. Upgrade to this version and you will receive all of the above features, as well as updates about aircraft changes; the ability to save your searches for later use; and flight alerts to your device when new seats become available or other changes are made. In addition, the Premium plan also allows users to conduct flexible searching that covers multiple date ranges at once (up to three days on either side of initial dates).

2. Key Ring

If you have a variety of different loyalty cards for the many programs you’re signed up to, you probably get very sick of having to carry them all around in your wallet or handbag. If so, the Key Ring app should be perfect for you, as it means you never have to worry about lugging about or losing all those cards again.

The application is available for both iOS and Android gadgets. It works by first downloading the information on the barcode on your loyalty cards, and then storing the related data on your device. Once you’re ready to earn points with a flight purchase, redeem points for a hotel upgrade, or something similar, you simply need to show the staff member you’re interacting with the information stored on your gadget via the Key Ring app.

You can also use the system to store information about the latest deals and rewards that all of the various loyalty programs are offering at the time, so that you don’t forget to take advantage of any.

3. AwardWallet

Another very handy travel app for frequent flyers is AwardWallet. This system is free to download, suits both Apple and Android operating systems, and helps users to track points and miles across a large number of different programs so that they don’t have to juggle multiple websites, emails, logins and the like.

So far the application has over 100, 000 active members signed up across the globe, and is linked with more than 670 different airline, hotel, credit card, car rental, and retail programs around the world. These include those run by large companies like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Virgin American,, Avis, Hertz, Citibank, Bank of America, Hilton, and Best Western.

AwardWallet automatically tracks all of your points and miles once you have logged in to partner loyalty programs, and it can even stay on top of information about affiliated family members who are in the same programs.

Whenever you log into the app you will be able to see your current miles balance or points accumulation, and also enter in your upcoming travel plans and share that information with others. In addition, AwardWallet also notifies customers when their discounts or points are due to expire, so that no rewards are missed.

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