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We like to imagine that our travels will involve nothing more laborious than drinking cocktails, watching sunsets and undertaking adventurous activities. But unfortunately, things can and often do pan out less ideally than we may have first envisaged.


From getting sick and encountering less than savory characters, to losing our belongings and losing ourselves, there are almost endless things that can trip us up on the road. But fear not, follow these top tips and get ready to smart your way out of any troublesome situation.


Preparation is the Best Weapon

Some things, like having a snorer in your dorm, are unavoidable when traveling. But others can be easily prevented, by taking the above advice on board:

  •          Ensure you have sets of photocopies of all your documents (visa, passport, driver’s license, health records, insurance policy, bookings and invoices etc.)
  •          Research your destination and pack appropriately.
  •          Leave your loved ones a detailed plan of your movements and contact details.
  •          Contact your bank and tell them you will be away and ask them to not block your card!
  •          Purchase a cash card and load half of your money onto it. There is nothing worse than having all of your eggs in one basket should something go amiss.
  •          Stash some cash into a corner of your suitcase as an emergency fund.
  •          Write down all your important numbers and back up your phone in case it gets mislaid.
  •          Research and purchase appropriate insurance that actually covers you for what you are doing.
  •          Familiarize yourself with the claiming procedure on services like .


Whilst Abroad

If you find yourself in a catastrophe and have not prepared as above, then there are steps you can take to help yourself. Whatever is happening, don’t panic, keep a calm head and try the following…


Make a plan

Ask yourself; what has happened and how can I resolve it? Brainstorm possible ways to overcome the problem, and make a list of all the steps you need to take to alleviate the situation.


Alert the relevant people

Depending on the severity of the issue, perhaps the relevant person you need to contact is your insurer, the local police, the hostel management, your bank, your phone provider or your mom!


Act in a timely manner

Whatever needs to be done, don’t delay when it comes to taking action. Take charge of matters and get the advice and support you need because the longer you leave something, the harder it can become to resolve, so nip any issues in the bud as they arise.


Look after yourself

In all things, put your safety first. Don’t try to fight off thugs, and do everything you can to avoid getting yourself in a mugging situation where you have to do so. Don’t have that extra shot if you no longer remember your name. Don’t go on that hike if you feel like death warmed up. Your health and safety must come first, so know when to play, when to stop, when to rest, and when to seek help.


Read the small print

Have your insurance documents to hand at all times and make sure you know what you are covered for. Also, keep all your receipts with you, as they will prove to be very important if you need to make a claim later.

When traveling, a number of things can be easily avoided if you plan ahead and do your research, whilst a few little tricks on the road will help you resolve any issues that do arise!


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