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Hurghada is one of the gems of North Africa, this extremely beautiful Egyptian seaside town must not be missed and there are many great ways to enjoy this with the vast number of all inclusive holidays to Hurghada and other options available, there really is no reason to miss out on what the Red Sea coast has to offer. Take the time to read on and find out what makes this town one of the best that Africa has to offer.


One of the beauties of this wonderful town is the superb location, it is roughly 5 hours flight from the UK. For those in central Europe the flight time is less and is a really great way to escape the city life of Europe and really get away. The location is also a great base to make day trips to the big cities of Egypt, such as Cairo.

Climate and water

With a subtropical desert climate Hurghada is a pleasant place to visit all year round with its mild to warm winters and hot summers, combined with the beautiful turquoise waters of the Red Sea, this place is a true relaxation holiday destination. Temperatures are usually in the range of 30 degrees Celsius throughout most parts of the year and this is makes for a very pleasant holiday atmosphere.


Hurghada is home to some of the best diving sites in the world with its coral reefs and vast array of other marine life and can be enjoyed through snorkelling and scuba diving alike. Snorkelling is particularly popular due to the clear waters that allow people to see all of the amazing sights of the Red Sea. If this is not your thing then there are many other ways to keep occupied, such as the growing trend that is wind surfing.

Why not take a trip into the desert and go on a camel safari or cruise around in a 4X4.


The town itself is situation right on the beachfront and there are many places to swim and relax, depending on what you want to do on your holiday. The beach extends for around 20km, so there is no shortage of space to find a place that suits you.

Constant improvement

Recently Hurghada has become increasingly popular due to the world class holiday experience that it provides for foreign tourists and Egyptians alike. This has meant an increase in the number and quality of accommodation and holiday packages to this area, and this has meant a more competitive price for things, particularly package deals.




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