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Hostel Haina; cheap accommodaiton in Cancun

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So I decided to take the plunge, against all advice, and head to Cancun. I had visions (nightmares?) of 18 year old celebrating arriving in a country where they can drunk under the age of 21, and chanting USA, USA at the top of their voices so I approached with caution. I’m not a big Continue Reading »

Visiting Aqua World in Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun can be anything you make it. I’m not entirely sure whether they love or loathe their international reputation as a cheap American getaway but for sure it certainly created reservations for me to go there. However, I’ve been around this block before. Too many places with certain reputations have been crossed of the list, Continue Reading »

Going on a Mexican Food Tour in Mexico City

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Only 2 cuisines in the world are protected by UNESCO (the United Nations cultural heritage division), and that’s French and Mexican. Pretty hard to argue with. So here i was finally in Mexico, I’m gonna attack that cuisine like never before. Now whilst it’s one thing to munch down on nachos and coronas morning, noon Continue Reading »

Taking A Cycling Tour in Mexico City

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Mexico City was the first stop on this epic journey to Antarctica so I wanted to really get some sight seeing done in this city, best way to do that? On a bloody bicycle my friends! There’s nothing that screams “I know this city” like a 3 day bruise on your behind. So I signed up with Continue Reading »

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