These 10 reasons you should learn at least two languages apart from your native dialect can make all the difference there is to your state of life. Have you ever been in that awkward situation, where you are asked how many languages you speak, and deep down you know you speak only English, vernacular and well, a little slang here and there?(but nobody knows that, your secret is safe with me). 

Well, you are not alone, it happens to the very best of us. This article is not written to pat you on the back and tell you that it doesn’t matter; that not everybody can speak many languages and that is fine or that languages are difficult to learn so you cannot bother wasting time on the impossibility. No! This article would show you that I’ve been where you are now, and that you can actually get yourself to learn more languages with ease. 

During the first wave of the lock down, I was able to learn some Arabic. I will tell you how I achieved that but let me start by giving you 10 reasons you should learn at least two languages – 

  1. It gives you an edge during job recruitment
  2. Ease of communication with native speakers
  3. For job opportunities in foreign affairs or at embassies
  4. To be socially fluid 
  5. Engages the brain more/longevity of brain cells
  6. To discover new character traits
  7. Speak from a wider perspective/that of other language
  8. Understand cross cultural differences
  9. Increases attractiveness and eligibility
  10. Enjoy foreign music better and brag about it too. 
  1. It Gives an Edge during Job Recruitment: Job recruitments can be a pain in the CV, you have all the certificates and credentials required and just when you believe you are about to land the job the employer asks you in English, “How many languages do you speak?” It takes a very special dose of patience to not reply back, “The language you sent out vacancy fliers with”. Knowing an extra language off the tipoff your tongue (literally) makes all the difference in employability.
  1. Ease of Communication with Native Speakers: One of the best ways to get people to be at ease and warm up to conversations with you is to speak to them in their native language. Nothing produces a spirit of brotherhood like that. Suspicions get dropped immediately when people see others speaking their language, especially when they are far from other speakers. It’s like finding a home away from home. 
  1. Job Opportunities in Foreign Affairs or at Embassies: Working at embassies and foreign affairs can open you up to a lot of opportunities, to meet amazing people and to also make good income. Landing jobs at places super awesome as that is a lot easier and feasible when you have an extra language under your belt. People that speak languages of other countries fluently are usually in high demand on a general note. 
  1. Socially Fluid: Being Socially Fluid is the ability to move conversationally from culture to culture with sincere appreciation of the peculiarities of each culture. This is a rare and sort after life skill because everybody that gets to be around you feels culturally appreciated. You have the ability to speak directly to people in a language of their own and there is a bonus of getting jokes that can never be fully appreciated unless when spoken in its language.
  1. Engages the Brain more/ Longevity of Brain Cells: For most of us who love our brains and take pride in the wonders it does, learning a new language is one way to keep the brain healthy and happy. When you learn and speak new languages or learn new things in general, it engages your brain more. This is like exercising your awesome brain muscles; it helps them grow and makes them healthy. When this happens, your brain cells live longer.   
  1. To Discover New Character traits: Some research has proven that speaking in a new language engages a part of the brain that unlocks a fresh character trait. It is sort of like going for an alternate personality. The French part of you feels romantic and all lovey-dovey, the British part of you feels posh and sophisticated and the Nigerian part of you feels like it can take on the world.
  1. Speak from a Wider Perspective: Every language has an in-built perspective. These are customs or ways of seeing the world that have been accumulated over years. When you learn a new language you learn these perspectives too. These languages become little windows with which you can unravel the many breathtaking secrets of the world. 
  1.  Understand Cross Cultural Differences: The process of learning a new language opens you up to new cultures and to new experiences. You get to see why a certain demographic acts the way they do and how to respond to that. It prevents a lot of unnecessary backlash from other cultures that has become rampant thanks to social media.
  1. Increases Attractiveness and Eligibility: We all have that one foreign crush that just sweeps us off our feet with their accents or command of their dialect and our entire belly goes butterfly. Learning a new language adds an edge to you (if you are single and searching) and gives you greater chances of mingling. It is indeed a psychological thing but you have to put in the work of learning the language.
  1. Enjoy Foreign Music Better and Brag about It Too: You have the special privilege of putting on your headphones and blasting off to “Despacito” without the aid of a music match or lyric translators and that is not cool enough? 

So, these are Top Ten Reasons you should learn at least 2 languages. You want to read on how I learned Arabic during the Lockdown? Comment the top 2 languages you want to proficiently speak in the next six months and we will start from here.

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