This list of best mountain bike destinations is nominated by singletrack readers, making it an authentic guide for biking enthusiasts wanting to explore the best riding spots in the world. Keep in mind that this list highlights locations with high-quality trails within the U.S and outside, compiled together to recommend the best destinations worldwide for our readers. 

There are so many impressive trails out there, and it’s certainly not easy to have favorites, as they are subjective to personal liking and, more importantly, mountain biking skill levels. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this read comprising great trails worthy of your bucket list.

  1. Moab, Utah, USA

Trust us when we say this! The trails in Moab, Utah, is the ultimate paradise for mountain bike adventure lovers. Its unique worldly feature makes it an unforgettable experience for most mountain bikers. The Whole Enchilada is the main attraction that unites thousands of bikers annually. It is a singletrack with a distance of 26 miles, ranging from 1,200 feet and going upwards to 7,800. It has multiple mountain trails, such as Burro Pass, Hazard county, and Porcupine Rim, to name a few, that are fun, exciting, and suitable for all kinds of mountain bikers. 

Tip: There are some slippery points that demand technical skills, endurance, and time, so make sure you are equipped with a lightweight, reliable bike that you can trust. For more information on mountain bikes, check these ones out

  1. Park City, Utah, USA

Another epic Utah location on the western side of the Rocky Mountains is Park City, a must-place to venture out on two wheels. You are going to be blown away by the beautiful scenery as you peddle around on several trails, with a distance of over 400miles. Although, the high altitude of 2,100 meters is not for everyone to explore, so make sure you are accustomed to such elevated mountain trails. It is an excellent single-tracked trail, with the Prospector Area being one of the main attractions here!

  1. Finale Ligure, Italy

Moving on to destinations in Europe, Finale Ligure, Italy, made it to this list because of its uniqueness, mainly because this place is clear of snow skiing even in winter. It is otherwise a classic mountain with all the features of a mountain town, but Finale Ligure is a hybrid of steep and beachy, making it an amazing location for bike riders. There are many high-quality trails that you’d have to make multiple trips for; a one-time ride is not enough to explore this majestic place.  

Most mountain bikers are familiar with the trails in Finale, as they have been featured in the Enduro World Series competitions. The local community at Finale, Italy, is promoting the trails by building new trails and improving the infrastructure to attract more bikers. There are many beginner-level loops and trails for novice mountain bikers and technical trails for experts. So, visiting this place with friends and family is always a nice idea, due to its wide-ranging trails, and of course views!

  1. Whistler, British Columbia

If you asked a mountain bike explorer to name the best place for mountain biking, the name Whistler is likely to come up. The whistler bike park is amongst some world-class trails, and has successfully set a standard for trail infrastructures that bike parks seek to mirror. 

The mountain bike community in Whistle is strong. It’s a massive bike park because of the wide range of nature trails surrounding the entire area. There are forests, slabs, loams, high alpine traverses, and many more views. Did you know that this spot is popular for filming and promoting mountain bikes and its features? 

Tip: The best time to visit is summer to experience a complete mountain biking expedition. 

  1. Rotorua, New Zealand

Last on our list is a location in the land of kiwis -Rotorua, New Zealand. It is high on mountain bike tourism at the moment, and rightfully so. It has been home to many world events that include EWS, the World Cup; according to a recent study, mountain bikers spent nearly $140M NZD in 2021 alone. 

The soil in this area is excellent for mountain biking all year round, and the landscape view is breathtaking. Mountain bikers traditionally take a lot of interest in riding the Skyline Gravity Bike Park and the trails in Whaka Forest, which are the main attraction for mountain bikers. 

Additionally, there’s such much more to explore in this destination for visitors, especially outdoor adventure lovers. There are hot springs in Rotorua for visitors to take a dip in and relax – an added bonus for mountain bikers with sore muscles.


Mountain biking is a fantastic outdoor sport, giving you the right adrenaline rush that your heart desires. For any mountain biker, no matter their skills and abilities, there are different kinds of trails and obstacles for everyone to enjoy. Climbing the mountain and reaching the peak to breathe in fresh air, with seeing the world on two wheels is a life-time experience. 

Plenty of other mountain bike destinations are worthy of your bucket list, so feel free to look up other destinations near you that are cost-friendly and accessible. And most importantly, make sure you make that trip happen. 

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