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The United States is one of the biggest countries in the world and it also happens to be one of the best destinations for camping enthusiasts. If you desire to experience first-hand how camping is like in the US, check this Passport Guide beforehand. Make sure to search on the right Passport Office Locations to apply accordingly.  

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The wild flowers and wooded paths are just the perfect setting for an adventure. For gorgeous locations, here are some of the best places to go camping:

Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, Maine. With 32, 000 miles of streams and rivers, 6, 000 lakes and ponds and 17 million acres of forest, it’s no wonder why Maine has been fondly called The Pine Tree State. While here, hike to the peak of Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise. There are two parks where you can go camping. Seawall which has a rustic environment and a less touristy ambiance and Blackwoods which is close to Bar Harbor, the island’s center. Plus, the park is open all year round.

Yosemite National Park, California. There are no cars, no electricity and no roads almost everywhere you go in this park as it is mostly wilderness. Thus, you can have a cozy evening under the stars because you simply have no choice. There are about 20 camping grounds in the park but 13 of the most popular are often full from April to September and you are required to make reservations. The park is open all year long but be sure to heed food storage rules as black bears are common.

Olympic National Park, Washington. This happens to be one of the coolest places to head off to when camping is in your itinerary. One of the 3 rainforests in the western hemisphere is located here and you can go on a hike or at a beach where you can have a wonderful view of glaciers and the rainforest. You can also head off to the northernmost beach, La Push, where you can see whales especially during migration season. This park is also open any time of the year although some of the roads are closed during winter. With 16 campgrounds, you will surely find someplace to stay.

Zion National Park, Utah. Aside from having a lot of fun due to the awesome sights, you can remember the pioneers who walked on the same ground before it was converted into a park. There are long and short trails that will lead you through the Kolob Canyons.  Hiking along the subway is an experience that you should not forego and although it would be a bit wet and strenuous, you should try going on a hike to the underground passageways and deep valley. There are 3 established campgrounds in the park and the park is open all year round. However, there are instances when some facilities and services are reduced or closed.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Anyone who knows about the Grand Canyon can immediately tell why this place happens to be one of your best bets when you are off camping. Hiking and rafting are the most popular activities here and you have the option to explore the South Rim or the North Rim. The South Rim is more popular but the North Rim is more secluded but both of these places boast of unparalleled beauty. Three developed campgrounds are located in the park and two of these places require reservations. When you are planning a trip here, be sure to bring water as the heat can be overwhelming.

Camping happens to be one of the coolest activities especially for those who love the great outdoors. It’s a great thing that those who are planning a trip to the US can visit these cool parks and experience nature up close.


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