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6 problems long-term backpackers may have and the solution to solve them all

Three years ago, I’ve backpacked for 7 months, and I simply loved it. The amazing adventures you go on, the cool new things you’ve never seen before, and the simple small details that are different in every country and culture. But there were also some challenges I faced, which is why I created BackpackingTribe. I will go over these challenges now.

The same conversation

Every 3 days you go to a new hostel and arrive into a community of backpackers you’ve never seen before. You meet them and have the same conversation, every single time. Where’re you from? Where have you been? Where are you going? How long are you traveling for?… You probably know what I mean. After a couple months, it gets pretty boring having the same conversations over and over again. The only time when you get into deeper topics of conversation, is when you travel together with some people for a longer period.

Short-lived friendships

Because you go to a new place every couple of days, you never stick with people. It rarely happens that you and the people you meet have the exact same travel plans. Often you have a great time during those few days, but after that there’s a big probability you’ll never see each other again.


Have you ever felt lonely while backpacking? I know I have. There are times that you don’t want to meet people for another couple of days because you’re tired of having the same conversation over and over again. And that’s when you can get lonely, as you’re traveling alone.


Ah man, I hate this. It’s a real challenge to say goodbye after having a great time. But if you all have different plans, it’s hard to stick together. That’s why you have to (or you secretly sneak out and don’t say goodbye – but in the end it’s the same: you won’t see each other anymore)

Empty hostels

Have you ever been in an empty hostel? I have, and it can be lonely and boring. And there’s nothing you can do! It doesn’t say on the website of the hostels whether they’re filled or not. All you can do is hope for the best! Especially now, in times of corona, hostels are prone to be empty. The hostel industry dropped more than a staggering 80% compared to before-corona-times.

Short romances

Whenever you find someone you really like, it’s possible you get into a little romance. However, when traveling solo, it’s hard to build a long-term lasting relationship with someone. Often, you both have different travel goals and have to split up again. For the average long-term backpacker, after a while it can become an accumulation of short romances, and that can be tiring.

The solution?

What if you could never have the same conversation, never have loneliness, fewer goodbyes, no empty hostels and longer romances while still backpacking? Wouldn’t that be great? The solution I found is backpacking in a group. However, it’s hard to create one! But if you ask enough people you will find some with the same travel plans. That’s what I’m doing now with my new project: BackpackingTribe. I bring backpackers with the same travel plans together to form groups and go from hostel to hostel together. No more loneliness, no more short-lived connections, and you’re able to form deeper connections, while still backpacking! Now with corona, there’s just a little backpacking going on, so I don’t know if it will be of use to you short-term, but check out my site; and you’ll see different options to travel together in groups!

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