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Change Your Life, One Step at a Time

There are many challenging scenarios and events in life, and with that comes a myriad of options of paths to take. Remaining stagnant, while sometimes it may seem the most comfortable option, is often the most dangerous. Life is full of change, progress, releasing what’s no longer working for us, and learning new lessons. Life’s traumatic experiences are often never talked about, nor worked through. Hidden away in the depths of darkness, yet peeking out in the light of day, memories and fears haunt most humans walking this planet. Some learn to use their experiences as motivation and fuel to help others through the same, while many run from their painful memories and opt to seek escapism. Escaping from pain, even for a short while, is something humans have been doing since the dawn of time. Travel, alcohol, drugs, addictions, behaviors and other outlets are popular avenues for letting these out. If you’re in a place needing a change, consider these steps to make changes in your life:

  1. Acknowledge and observe. You might’ve thought this first step would be more actionable, and scary, because change is scary. But, before we can action anything, we must know a few factors such as: what the problem is, what needs to be changed, and what can be brought in to replace old habits, patterns or the like. Simply observing what is no longer working well for you and your life can be as easy as noticing what doesn’t make you feel good and in control of your life. Taking some notes and writing about it may help bring clarity and enlightenment for yourself.
  2. Decide. Based on your observations and acknowledgements from step one, now it’s time to decide what you want to make changes to. These changes can be as simple as changing your diet or daily habits to include healthier choices, or going into a drug detox program. This is different for everyone, and may be a one time decision or a decision you’ll need to make on a repeating basis. Deciding to change is often the longest part of the process, and the hardest. 
  3. Take action. This perhaps is much easier than step two, because once the decision is made and it’s the best option for you, pieces should begin falling into place for your chosen changes and new path in life. Whether big or small, short-term changes or long-term ones, this is the easier part. Putting structure and systems into place for your new life and new habits will make it all the smoother for yourself. Taking action can take many forms, whether it’s a change in what you eat for lunch each day from a fast food grease pit to a healthy salad, or something more serious and immediate like leaving an unhealthy relationship or choosing to quit using drugs.

Changes on any scale can be overwhelming unless broken down into smaller steps, that aren’t so scary or daunting. Take into consideration the cost of remaining stagnant, or making no changes, in comparison to making changes to improve your quality and happiness in life.  


So if you’re ready to…..

1) Change your life
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4) Create a positive influence on others
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