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After my in-depth post on how to start a travel blog, the very first of the 66 comments that I received was a question about how to think of the name of the blog. It is a point that I did discuss briefly in the post, but it is actually extremely important, so I wanted to go over it in a little more detail here.

First, What Not to Do

Just as important as knowing what to do is knowing what not to do. Ultimately, the whole point of picking a good name for your blog is to brand the blog so that readers know what to expect from your travel blog, and to make your blog unique or stand out from all of the rest. With that in mind, I would advise you to stay away from cliché travel names that include all iterations of travel (travel, travelling, traveller, etc.), and stay away from things like adventurer, nomad, wanderer, backpacker; I think you get the idea. This has been done before, repeatedly, and you will just be shooting yourself in the foot because you won’t be able to compete with the traffic of an already established and popular blog, and you will never be able to rank well on a name that other higher ranking sites are ranking on – meaning you will get lost in the pages and pages of search engine results and your blog will never be found. Almost all of the really successful travel blogs out there have a unique name that is memorable, so if you are going to copy anything, copy that.

Now, What to Do

As was mentioned above, be memorable and stand out. One easy way to be memorable is to buy a domain name extension that’s more original instead of a generic .com domain. Simply type what you desire into the search bar on this page and see what extension options come up. If your name is available, then register it quickly before someone else does! For example, is unmemorable, dull, and likely has been taken since dinosaurs roamed the earth, whereas is a little different and more distinct. I would still say it requires a little more unique information, but the .blog extension certainly makes it stand out.

Brand your blog and capture the attention of your niche. For example, if I want to specifically travel the world to dive, then I want to make my entire blog centre on the topic of diving. So I want a name that reflects that this is the focus of my blog and that also intrigues other diving enthusiasts to visit and follow it. Just be sure about your branding tactic because if you want to stop writing about diving all of a sudden, your blog will then become incompatible and be rendered irrelevant. You also don’t want to get too incredibly specific in a niche that has already been done a lot! When choosing your name and blog theme or niche, always try to keep in mind what has already been done and why what you are adding has something different to offer.

If you are still lacking inspiration, here is a list of blog name ideas that you can play around with, especially if you use variations with a nTLD. Just remember that your name will stick with you forever unless you end up doing an expensive rebranding down the road. You want your name to be general enough that if your travel style changes – say, upgrading from hostels to hotels – you don’t want to be pigeonholed to reflect a specific travel style that you might outgrow. Essentially, you want your name to be general enough to withstand the tests of time, but unique and specific enough to be memorable instead of falling into an abyss of all-sound-alike travel blogs that saturate the travel blogging scene.


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