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Choosing the Right Travel Luggage For You

The National Traffic Controllers Association estimates that there are about 87,000 flights daily on an average in the US alone. This is how much air traffic there is on a daily basis in US. Due to limited space on planes, it is recommended you pack wisely and use just the best suitcase and luggage brands for your trip. You sure don’t want your luggage to be giving up on you on any of your trips.


What you need to know before choosing the best suitcase and luggage brands?

Depending on the amount of time you will to spend to where you are going, you need to pack just the things you need and leave a little bit of extra room for any souvenirs you might get for yourself or for your family and friends. If you don’t have a luggage yet here is a list of things you need to understand when choosing the best suitcase for you.

1. Understand the types of luggage.

Your need for a luggage depends on the reason for your traveling. If you are travelling for a brief few day visit then you can select to bring a carry on, duffel bag, weekender bag, overnight travel bag or even a wheeled duffel bag. If the purpose of your stay is for business then it is best you bring with you a wheeled business case together with a garment bag for your formal wear together with a cosmetic case or vanity bag for women. If you need more space than any of these other bags can offer, you need to consider bringing with you an upright luggage instead.

2. Understand whether you need a soft or a hard bag.

Many hard luggages nowadays are built with lightweight materials and comes with a spinner type of wheel for maximum mobility. If you are looking for good shock absorption then a soft bag would work better for you. If you are carrying some breakable items with you then opt for a hard-sided suitcase as they offer better protection. If you are bringing just clothes it wouldn’t matter too much if you choose either of these luggage options.

3. Understand how much space you need to pack the things you need.

This boils down to how much clothes and other items you need to pack. Do not buy more luggage than you actually need.

4. Understand the luggage brands you are looking to buy from and what they offer.

Value for money comes first. The luggage you are buying does not need to cost an arm and a leg but consider the features that these luggage brands offer to you to see if it is worth spending the money. It is still recommended that you got to a retail store rather than purchasing your luggage online because then you will have the time and actual experience to see and feel the luggage. We think this is critical.


Traveling to and visiting places is a good way to unwind and distract ourselves from the monotony of the city life’s hustle and bustle. Many times over we seek to reunite with the tranquil that nature offers, the thrill of discovering new places, to have new experiences and being in a different place for even just a few days to see the world. We all dream of this. We all want it. We may choose to travel by land, sea or air, regardless we want to travel. It is inherent for us to keep moving to see and discover the world. So go ahead and help yourself. Find the luggage that you need today.


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