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Have you been thinking about kicking off an email marketing campaign but not sure where to begin? If so then we have the perfect product which can help you to reach your email marketing goals and bring in more leads and sales to your small business or your blog. The product is called Constant Contact and it is a piece of easy-to-use software which can remedy your email marketing woes.

Email marketing is a great way of connecting and communicating with your existing customers, as well as enticing those who are yet to discover you. This highly effective approach will allow you to better speak to your customers and help you to target those most likely to enjoy what you have to offer. Constant Contact is the ultimate solution for your campaign so let us take you through the benefits which you can enjoy, and a quick guide on how to get started.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a portal from which you can manage your entire email marketing campaign, you can create tailor-made emails for your recipients, you can send mail, monitor engagement, review metrics to help improve your performance and manage your email and contact lists with ease. This service gives you a simple to use dashboard where you can put into action and oversee your email campaign from start to finish.

Key Features

Beyond its simplicity, what really sets Constant Contact apart from other services of this ilk are the additional tools and features which you can use to deliver a more successful campaign. These include:

  • Ability to customize email templates
  • Highly detailed metrics to manage performance
  • Automatic re-send feature for emails which haven’t been opened
  • No restriction on number of emails you can send
  • Optimized emails which deliver on desktop and mobile
  • List building tools to expand your reach
  • Call to action features to help increase engagement
  • Real time list updating for unsubscribes and inactive emails

How to Use The Service

If you aren’t familiar with the finer details of email marketing then don’t worry as not only is the software very easy to get your head around, there is a wealth of information on the Constant Contact site which will help you to understand how it all works, and to help you make the most of your campaign.

Step 1 – Sign Up

To get started simply head to the Constant Contact homepage, click the menu in the top right-hand side of the page and click ‘Sign Up Now’. To get signed up you just need your name, contact details and your email address, then you can select which plan you would like to use. Constant Contact offers a 1 month free trial to get started and you don’t need to input any payment details to enjoy this free trail. Alternatively you can sign up and select one of the flexible plans which they have – we’ll detail the pricing options below. Those with the free trail can still enjoy all of the features of a paid up account. 

Step 2 – Uploading You Email List

Your first prompt will be to import your email list to the software, your list and its quality is the key to this campaign being successful and will form the foundation of the entire campaign. Here you can simply copy and paste your email list straight on to the site. Be sure to give your email list a name for easy reference in the future, another benefit of the service is that you can create multiple lists, perfect if you are selling different products or delivering different types of content which you want to promote to people with varying interests. 

Step 3 – Adding Your Business Details 

Once your email list is good to go you will need to provide a little more information about your business, including a link to the website and a physical address. The physical address information is required by the CAN-SPAM act which was passed in order to cut out spam mail. Constant Contacts formulates your email in such way that significantly reduce the risk of your email appearing spammy. The information which you add here will be tagged on to your emails automatically. 

Step 4 – Customizing Your Email Campaign 

Once you have uploaded your list and updated your contact information it is time to get started on creating a gorgeous looking email template which will be sent to your recipients. Constant Contact not only gives you the options to custom make your own email template, it also features a great many beautiful looking pre-designed templates which you can adapt and use for your campaign. 

Once you find the template which you wish to use click ‘Select’ to open the editor, this is where the software really delivers. Instead of complicating things with confusing options the editor is a simple drag and drop design where you can alter the position of images, tweak colors, text, font and videos with absolute simplicity. You will also find an option on the editor to upload your own images to further help you promote your brand with extra personality. 

Keys to a Great Looking Email 

A great email starts with a killer subject line, something which doesn’t sound spammy and which will peak the interest of the recipient and inspire them to open it. Reading down, the email should grab the attention with well written and pertinent content that gives the reader both value and information about who you are and why you are speaking with them. This should be accompanied with high quality and appropriate images. Be sure to make this email feel personal to the recipient. Don’t forget to alter the ‘From’ section with your name and and email address to give it that extra human touch and to avoid the email appearing to have come from a source which looks suspicious.

Once you are happy with your email template, preview what you have done and review from top to bottom to ensure that all bases have been covered. Finally hit ‘Finish and Send’ to set the wheels in motion. If you prefer to schedule the sending of the emails for a time in the future then you’ll have the option to do that upon completion of the template. There are optimal times for email sending with most suggesting that 8am and 4pm are the hours which gain most engagement. 


Once the first wave of emails have been sent to the addresses on your list you can simply sign back into your account and monitor your progress on the dashboard. Here you can see how many emails have been opened, which bounced back, how many automatic re-sends have gone out to non-openers and how many spam reports have been received. This data is crucial in tweaking and improving your approach for future waves of emails. 

Payment Plans


There are 2 main payment plans which you can use, the first starts at $20 per month and offers an affordable option for those who want to make a big impact with their marketing without breaking the bank. The second option is Email Plus which costs $45 per month, and offers additional and more advanced tools and features which essentially offers you a more powerful service to help you achieve your marketing goals. Both plans give you the first month free and if you prepay for either 6 or 12 months,  you can save 10% and 15% respectively on the annual cost for both plans. A cool bonus here is that  Constant Contact offers non-profit organizations a 20% discount if they prepay 6 months, and an impressive 30% if they prepay for12 months. 

Email marketing has proven to be massively successful for so many businesses and blogs and it is an approach which is going to give you a solid return on your investment and help you to reach more people and drive your business further. It is for this reason why Constant Contact and their simple, effective and guided approach is the perfect option for you and your business, why not give it a try for free and and see how you get on?

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