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If you are planning a road trip this summer then you need to make sure your car is in full working order before you set out on your travels. The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck at the roadside due to a breakdown or because your vehicle just isn’t roadworthy.

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It may be a good time to get your car serviced if you know you haven’t had one in a while or you have done a lot of miles. Think carefully when you  book a car service about how much strain you have been putting on your vehicle as well as how long it has been since you last sent your car for one so that you can choose a plan that is appropriate.


There are some services that are essential for all drivers and those who are planning long road trips should certainly consider them before setting off so that their car is safe to use and legal.


Getting your tyres serviced is one of the most important aspects as they have a big effect on fuel economy, safety and whether or not your car is legal to drive. As they are the only part of your car to come into contact with the road, they have a huge impact on how it handles.


Before you go on a road trip, there are a few aspects of your tyres that you must have checked over. Get the overall condition of your tyres checked and be on the look out for lumps, bulges and tears; if you spot any of these then you will need to get them replaced.

Wheel balance and alignment are also crucial as they are important for the handling of your vehicle, so it is definitely worth checking out before going on a road trip. If you find that your car is pulling to one side while you are driving then this is a sign that your wheel alignment is out. This can cause more wear on your tyres over time, which can cause you to increase the amount of fuel you use.


Your brakes are another area that absolutely must be in full working order before you embark on a long journey. By law, you need your brake pads and discs to be working properly and at some point in your car’s life they will need to be changed. Worn brake pads or discs will result in longer stopping distances and could see you caught in a collision. If you have hydraulic brakes, it is worth getting these serviced too to make sure no fluid is leaking.


When your car goes in for a service, an expert technician will check the necessary areas over for wear and tear before commencing on any work. This will inform you as to whether any parts of your car are not roadworthy and if some are simply worn but may need to be changed fairly soon.



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