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The West Coast of the United States has a lot to offer. It’s a place that has mountains, cities, and oceans. Its also huge. When going out to the West Coast its good to have a plan and an idea of what cities to check out. One city that should not be passed over for any reason is San Francisco. This is a beautiful city with a lot of history and a lot to see and do. But as most incredible cities are concerned, it can be quite a pricy area to be in. But there are always ways to get around that whole money issue. Here are five things you can do in San Francisco that won’t put the tiniest of dents in your wallet.

Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most famous and most recognizable bridges in the world is right in San Francisco. The bridge is just less than two miles. If you’re feeling ambitious you can walk the entire bridge and then back. Or you can take the route that most do and walk half of the bridge and then turn around to go back where you came from. It’s a truly wonderful view of the bay and something you should take advantage of.

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Visit the Anchor Brewery

There is nothing better than getting a peak behind the curtain of where one of the best drinks in the world comes from. You can go to the Anchor Brewery in San Fran and be treated to a free 45-minute tour of the copper brewery and see all of the history that lurks in the walls. The only thing you need to do is book way ahead. The recommendation is to book at least a month in advance.

Art Galleries

San Francisco wouldn’t be as iconic as it is if not for art. The city is home to plenty of art galleries and art exhibitions and many of them are free to enter and look around. A few of the favorites are the 49 Geary and the Diego Rivera Gallery. Be sure to check them out.

Visit City Hall

This is an iconic location for several reasons. There has been triumph and tragedy at his city hall. There have been triumphs such as the progression of LGBT rights and tragedies such as the assassination of Harvey Milk. The rotunda is a marvel and there are free tours of the building every day and free art gallery in the basement.

Go to a Reading at City Lights

Just as the art scene is important to San Francisco culture so is the literary scene. The poet Lawrence Felinghetti is an alum of the city and set up City Lights. You can go here to catch a reading or browse some books. Its also next to Jack Kerouac alley. Not getting a feel for the beat generation while in San Francisco would be a sin so don’t miss out!

There is no shortage of culture, fun, and excitement in San Francisco. Check out all of the places you can stay for the best accommodation possible. There isn’t a shortage of any hotels in San Francisco so you’ll have you’re pick of the lot!


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