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January Is The Best Month For Your Ski Holiday

Empty slopes, no long queues for the lifts, more powder for everyone to share, amazing bargains for accommodation – that sounds like a dream ski holiday, right? Well it doesn’t have to be a dream because that’s everything you can expect, and more, when you book your ski holiday for January. It is without question the best time to take advantage of any of the fantastic ski holidays on offer! If you’re still not convinced then here are some great reasons that will certainly make you a believer.

Travel Is Easy & Costs Less

In January airports are less busy than usual and the chance of getting a bargain flight is much higher. Just to give you an example, you can get a round trip flight London to Geneva for under a hundred quid, not that is a bargain not to be ignored! When you get off the plane at your destination the airport will also be quiet and so will the roads, this makes the whole transfer to you accommodation quick and easy. I have found that the only thing to slow me down during the transfer is if there’s been a snow dump the day before – and I don’t mind it if that happens!

The Powder

Every skier loves a bit of powder on the slopes, it can be hit and miss during the season but if you’re looking for a safe bet then January is the month for that beautiful powder to blanket the mountains. So be prepared to find yourself up to your knees in fresh powder! Just this year even resorts at lower altitudes had amazing days of powder, Moraine being one of them.

Get Over The New Year Blues

I don’t need to explain this one too much because we all get this feeling. The Christmas season has been and gone, you’re still feeling under the weather from NYE and you’re facing the prospect of heading back to work for another year. Wow, just typing that gave me the blues and reinforced just why January is the saddest month of the year for many people. Oh, we didn’t even mention the miserable weather, low bank balance after Christmas and those ropey resolutions you made! Well, why not forget about all that and make sure you have something to look forward to? I recommend to all my friends, family and readers, to take advantage of January because you will get the best prices of the year then – book it and there won’t be any blues!

What Queues?

If you’ve been skiing before then you know during the peak season you can be stuffed like sardines in to queues for the lifts, edging forward ever so slowly, skis on top of skis and it doesn’t feel too much like a holiday! When you hit the slopes during January the feeling of space and no queue times for lifts feels amazing. The first month of the year is when you can guarantee you’ll get the most out of your time on the slopes. I think that one of the main factors people don’t ski during January is due to the fact that they have spent their budgets on festive drinks, unnecessary presents and crazy NYE parties. Well, I know which I would choose – the January ski holiday is much better than an expensive hangover.

Cheaper Apres Ski

One of the best things about a ski holiday outside of the slopes has to be the acres ski. Well, in January that part of the holiday gets a lot cheaper – this I can guarantee because I have done extensive on the ground research. Owners of bars and restaurants are looking to bring in customers because the number of people at the resort is lower, so for us it means 2 for 1 on drinks or even discounted food. We all know apres ski can get pricey if you go during the peak season, over indulging is what you should do on holiday but when the bars & restaurants have their prices at a all time high it won’t help the wallet. If you’re on a budget for your ski trip and like to have fun off the slopes then January is definitely the month for you.

Peaceful Slopes

I don’t think you need to be the brains of Britain to have worked out that the less people visiting during January means the fewer people on the slopes. This all means that you will have very little competition to find lots of space on the slopes and be the one to put the first ski tracks through the powder. I was always taught to do as the locals do, well, the locals love January because they get to enjoy the slopes more.

Don’t Get Jealous

With the festive hangover I mentioned above, there is nothing worse than feeling sorry for yourself, looking on Facebook and seeing your mates loving life on the mountains. So what wait until February or March before you get to have the same feelings? Plus, there are loads of great deals to be had when the season is coming to a close – so what not go January and April at bargain prices?

Welcome In 2019 In Style

What better way to welcome in the new year than with a trip to a place like the Alps? The best thing about ski resorts is that these guys really know how to throw a party, and for New Years Ever they go all out. There is something for everyone, if you’re looking to party hard all night they’ve got it, if you’re a family just wanting to see the fireworks show and then hit the slopes early on 2019 they’ve got it. Whatever your preference you’ll find it and I’ll say it again – what a perfect way to lose the festive hangover and see the near in with style!

Discounts On Accommodation

If you’re looking for the best prices around during the season then January is probably the best for you. Companies are trying to attract people to their special packages so you can expect to find things such as gift cards for the resort, reduced lift pass prices, 25% off group chalets and much more. Make sure you do your research before booking because I promise there are so many offers out there – take advantage of them!

Have you been on a ski holiday during January? I would really like to hear what you thought about your experience and if you’d recommend it to other readers. I am sure there are plenty of people out there that would enjoy your insight – just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys!

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