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On a recent trip I met a traveler that was of some inspiration to me. As we sipped our drinks at the hotel bar and discussed our latest world excursions, we found ourselves deep in a discussion that bordered on philosophical territory. The point in question: How to enjoy travel and get the most out of it, and whether documenting everything makes the moment more real, or if it steals the experience away from us.

The life of travel blogging can be extremely fast paced. We want the best equipment to take photos, we want our web traffic to not be interrupted by server problems, with many of us choosing dynamic cloud server options such as this to get some piece of mind! We also want to upload our articles as soon as possible and get hundreds of likes and shares within only mere hours. With this desire to escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind for a life of travel and leisure, blogging can sometimes surprisingly evade the leisurely side of things for some people.

As this fellow traveler told me stories of her short trip to Africa to go on a safari last year, her recent trip to Spain, or her posh stay in Miami a couple of weeks before, I couldn’t help but ask her “Why aren’t you blogging about this?” I guess in my mind traveling and writing go hand in hand, so the question had to be asked.

But what she told me really stuck with me. She said she used to blog. She used to be the type of person who took hundreds of photos on each trip and thought up twenty new blog post ideas in one afternoon. But at one point she realized she felt so pressured to document every aspect of her trips, often having to spend time pent up in the hotel room trying to get it all written down, that it started to feel like she was actually missing out on the experience.

I guess I am in the other park, where I feel like blogging about my experiences helps me to better consume and understand it. It makes it more real because instead of just being some fond memory, I take time to reflect on it, and I solidify it in print so that I and others can go back and read it at will. Maybe we will just have to agree to disagree on what makes a travel experience more memorable and a more worthwhile experience.


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