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Most Welcoming European Countries

If you decide to relocate from your country of origin to one of Europe’s countries, you have more than a few to choose from. Most European countries are considered welcoming for expats, but there are other considerations as well. Some countries might be perfect for families, with a good education system and public services, while others might be better for people who wish to focus on developing their career.

Quality of Life

Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Germany are considered as countries that offer a very high standard of living, according to a research conducted by Glassdoor. Their formula for standard of living consists of “the ability to afford useful things that enrich our lives”. International moving companies to Europe vary in prices and you will be able to find one that suits your needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

The countries mentioned above are not cheap to live in, but the average salary and what you can afford with your money are also considered high. Germany is ranked third, with notably lower salaries than the other two. However, its after-tax purchasing power for average earners is considered to be very high. If you decide to relocate to Germany, make sure you find a reliable international moving company to Europe to give you a hand in the process.


Switzerland is considered a popular destination for expats. As said before, the country offers high standards of living, plus exciting employment opportunities. The country is a great choice for people who enjoy the outdoors, as there are a lot of beautiful lakes, mountains to hike and the option of skiing in wintertime. Once you’ve decided you have to choose an international moving company to Europe and enjoy all this beautiful country has to offer, including very high education standards for those of you with kids.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is considered to be a western country in eastern Europe. Expats enjoy a western life style and a liberal attitude, in beautiful medieval environs. In the country’s capital, Prague, you’ll find prices surprisingly low, compared to other European cities. Outside of Prague you’ll find one of Europe’s most beautiful backdrops to travel through and relax in. Finding a reliable international moving company to Europe that will take you through the process should be very easy when your destination is the Czech Republic.


Germany is one of Europe’s most populated countries, with more then 80 million residents. If you move in with your family, you’ll find a good education system for expats, and a high standard of healthcare as well. Germany is located right in the middle of Europe and you’ll easily find a reliable international moving company to Europe that will move you there.


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