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Aside from Boracay, the island of Cebu in the Philippines is one of the places that pops up when we start talking about the best beaches in the world. And it surely does not disappoint because it offers a wide variety of white sand goodness. If you go down south you’ll be embraced by the pristine beaches of Alcoy and Oslob, where you can also go whale watching.


When you go up north, you will be led to the glorious beaches of the tiny extension islands of Malapascua and Bantayan. If you are more of an adventurous type, diving can also be done with much gusto there.


But Cebu is surely not at all about white sand beaches and pristine seas. The island is a hodgepodge of exciting offers, and you have to be really prepared to get to enjoy them to the fullest. In this article, we identify three of the most important things (apart from your swimsuit, of course!) that you should have so that you can enjoy Cebu in the best way possible.

Hiking Shoes and Gear

When we say that Cebu is not all about beaches, we actually have the beach’s complete opposite in mind–mountainous terrain. And Cebu surely has a lot of it just waiting to be explored.


In the southern town of Dalaguete, there’s the popularly known Osmena Peak. It’s less challenging to go up there because it’s already a bit prepared for tourists. Stair-like fixtures complete with railings have been added to assist tourists on their way up.


If you thirst for more adventure, other peaks in the same town are being opened to the public. Their names don’t ring a bell just yet, but they surely offer a more realistic feel of trekking. You can ask for assistance from the local motor bicycle peddlers if you want to go there.

Cash and Credit Cards

At the heart of the island of Cebu is its capital city, which is also called Cebu. This bustling metropolis never sleeps and never runs out of fun things to offer. If you want to go shopping, it has at least four very big malls to cater to your needs.


If you are into exploring Filipino and other cuisines, Cebu City also won’t let you down. It has restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes. It has a number of Thai restos. There are even a number of Japanese ramen places. If you are after an overwhelming number of Korean side dishes, you will not be disappointed.


Of course, you need cash for all this. But if a lot of cash is quite bulky, credit cards are great alternatives.


But as you know, not all cards are created equal. There are always those that offer better deals than others. Head over to for a list of the best credit cards for travel.

Loose Change

OK, we already mentioned cash, but loose change is to be discussed on its own because of its importance. You see, public transportation in the City of Cebu is through jeepneys with fares that are fixed at around seven pesos minimum. You would really want to have this amount ready to avoid delays. Philippine money has five-peso and one-peso coins, so stock up on those.


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