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Road trips of Europe

A road trip offers an alternative side to exploring the places you love. Whether it’s home or abroad, there are endless road trips around the world that allow you to discover hidden gems, which you may not see during your average package holiday. Travelling by road gives you a sense of freedom. You can travel wherever your heart desires and plan your holiday around you and no one else. Everyone’s interpretation of a road trip is different; some people like open roads and beautiful scenery, while others like steep, narrow roads and hairpin bends. Whatever your preference, the world is full of simply breathtaking routes; especially in Europe.

Before setting off on your road trip you need to make sure you’re prepared. Booking hotels in advance is a must, as well as packing the essentials, such as Satnav, tyre repair kit and first aid supplies are also very important. The trip will only be successful if your car is ready for the long hours on the road and capable of facing any potential uneven surfaces. One of the main checks is to make sure your car has had its annual MOT. In plenty of time before you set off, you need to make sure your car has had its MOT, in order for it to be classed as roadworthy.If not, places like Kwik Fit can carry all the necessary checks out on your vehicle, preventing any possible future problems.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country and what better way to explore one of its finest regions than by road. The Ring of Kerry allows you to travel through some of the country’s most prized landscapes and enjoy the famous Killarney National Park. Although the majority of this route is made up of picturesque landscapes and greenery, you will also catch views of the Atlantic Ocean as you travel down the coast of Ireland. The whole journey doesn’t have to be made up of driving and exploring on foot, as the harbours at Ballinskelligs and Portmagee offer boat trips out to the distant Skellig Islands.

Romantische Strasse, Germany

Germany is becoming a popular destination for many reasons but this route in particular, truly allows you to experience what German culture is all about. The beauty of this route is the endless amount of German architecture and the ever popular medieval wine village of Tauberbischofsheim. As you venture through the southern states of the country, you’ll discover fairy-tale castles and palaces which are sure to keep any littles ones on board happy. For the adults the medieval wine village is a must see, before travelling upstream towards the town of Bad Mergentheim.

Here are just two of the many road trips on offer across Europe. It’s important to make sure your trip is planned out thoroughly, so it can be as successful and enjoyable as possible. Although there are lots of points to consider before setting off on your journey, it’s vital your car is in the best possible condition. Whatever your idea of a holiday is, there will be a road trip perfect for you.


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