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Visiting Venice is likely to be on your bucket list. It certainly was on mine. While the isle of Venice is full of romantic charm and beauty, the price and amount of tourists can start to kill the vibe. This result in many rushing in, snapping some quick photos, taking a canal ride and eating a nice touristic Italian restaurant before, boom – gone as fast as they came in.

However, we discovered was the area surrounding the town of Venice is stunning and has so much to offer travelers. Especially couples and families. When I was there with my girlfriend, we discovered a town a short drive outside Venice called Bibione. This place with its golden sand beaches, clear water and a plethora of activities was a gold find in travel standards. We stayed three nights in Bibione and here is how we spent the days.


The cycle trails in Bibione are exceptional. The trails range from shorter, paved tracks that look out along to the beach to some longer trails that weave through the Italian countryside. We spent our time riding 10km of these trails. The views of rolling hills and green vegetation added to the amazing hours spent peddling our way around. Often we would stop to check out the local shops and purchase some tasty fresh fruit on the side of the road.



Playing sports while on travelling is something we love to do. The beaches are scattered with volleyball nets and the weather was perfect for windsailing. We were able to get a few sets of beach volleyball in before going for a swim and a sail. The following day we went for an early morning round of golf. These are all things we would have found difficult to do while in Venice.

Holiday ApartHotel


With a wide array of places to stay and various comfort levels from camping to 5-star hotels. Bibione certainly has a place for everyone. There are many campsites to choose from with themes ranging from eco-friendly to pet-friendly. If you want to be right on the beach and have on-site spa, The Holiday Apart Hotel is a great choice. It features a swimming pool, on site restaurant and wifi in every room.


Food & Nightlife

After our full days of seeing the sights and exerting our energy, we caught a second wind. The dining options around here are very tasty and there is so much option. Seafood to homemade Italian favourites you will find it only steps outside your door. You do not have to call it a night after dinner either, we didn’t. There is plenty to do live music, karaoke bars and disco has to keep you up until the early hours.


Play hard, relax hard is our motto so after some exhilarating action packed days we decided to lounge and get the pamper treatment. There are many spa treatment packages in the nearby Bibione Thermae centre. There is nothing quite like covering yourself in mud, steaming it off and then having your back worked on to finish up a trip.



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