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Cuba – famous for Che, big cigars, cracking rum and package holidays. I’m a big fan of delving deep into the first 3 but package holidays really aren’t my thing. The resorts are strewn across the (very beautiful) Northern beaches but if you want to avoid the rich Americans and really feel the country you need to look elsewhere. If so, check out these 5 awesome destinations on your trip to Cooooooba:

Baracoa: As far as you can get away from Havana, Baracoa is a steamy, chilled out town on the South East Coast. To get here, you have to drive past Guantanamo (yes, the one with the bay) and keep going. Once you get here you’ll see the attraction. Think kicking back at a waterfall, tasty lunch in the town, wine in the late afternoon, rum and salsa lessons (an awesome thing to do here) in the evening, and repeat the next day. That’s Baracoa. Also, there’s tip-top trekking at Yumuri river gorge too if you feel the need to shake that alcohol out of your system the next day.

El Yunque - the mountain just outside Baracoa

Santiago de Cuba: Old Fidel and Che started there movement from here, so this place is reeked in history. You can visit the barracks where Fidel Castro started his Cuban revolution, failed, got caught, fled to Mexico and met Che. The impressive citadel, Castillo del Morro, is one of the main attractions in the whole country, let alone the city. Endless cannons, drawbridges, dungeons, stairs and tunnels. This is what a real castle should look like!

Castillo del Morro
Castillo del Morro

Havana: The capital of Cuba and its spiritual heart. The home of Cuban cigars and Havana rum, if that’s not enough to get your sprinting here then the political culture available at every street corner should do the trick. The old town, a UNESCO world heritage site, is in great condition with European style buildings, pastel colours, jazz musicians, cafes and bars it’s a great place to spend a few days. The artisan market, and outdoor market should suitably fill your backpacks with any thing Cuban you can imagine.

Havana Cuba
Havana Cuba

Camaguey: The Argentinian Cuba, Camaguey is slap bang in the middle of the country and is the 3rd largest city. The true beauty here is the lack of tourists. It has a flourishing art scene, so check out some of the galleries. Walking through the city, this is what you expected Cuba to be, old couples sitting on steps, staring at you with a warm smile, kids running around chasing tyres with sticks and with icecream available for less than $1, you may never want to leave!


Trinidad: Like Camaguey, this is the Cuba you hoped for. Cobblestones, pastel, retro cadillacs and salsa until the early morning. Trinidad only has a population of 60, 000 but there are countless dancing schools so indulge in some salsa when you have the opportunity. With a thriving bar scene, you’ll have no issue finding people to share your new dancing moves with. To top it all off, there’s a cracking beach 5 or 10 mins from town, so if all that salsa is getting you hot under the collar, here’s your chance to cool down.

Trinidad cuba
Trinidad cuba

Cuba is more open now than ever folks, so there’s never been a better time to visit. If you stay away from the touristy northern beaches when you holiday in Cuba, you can really feel the old Cuba, soak it up before it’s too late. Happy travels!




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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Destinations in Cuba

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  3. I love Cuba, I’m Cuban and I love my roots. You come to visit Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba and Pinar del Rio.

  4. Hey! I just found out about your blog. Congratulations! you have a very nice blog that I am sure helps every day tons of tourists worldwide. Keep going!!!!
    However I’d like to make few little remarks so that this post could turn 100% perfect.

    1st. Cuba is not famous for Ché Guevara. He is not Cuban and most Cubans do not identify with his figure.
    2nd. You start the blog saying “cuba famous for (…) big cigars” however you did not include in the post Pinar del Río which is one of the irrefutable “MUST SEE” in Cuba. This is the place where the most famous cigars in the world come from and also it has a spectacular fauna and flora. As a native Cuban I would definitely recommend Pinar del Rio over Camagüey for exemple.
    3rd. Americans were not allowed to travel to Cuba until very recently. The main source of tourism in Cuba comes from Canada, and not necessarily from the english-speaking parts so I would tend to say “if you want to avoid groups of tourists and really feel the country you need to look elsewhere…”

    My point is not about criticizing your blog. I would like to improve the quality of this post instead of just saying negative things. I hope you understand this!

    1. If you are planning a visit to western Cuba, there is plenty to do and see in Viñales: awesome scenery, beaches, tobacco plantations and different excursions. Experience Cuba living the traditional Cuban lifestyle staying at B&B Loved the post!
      I would also recommend to eat traditional Cuban food at your private accommodation. Some casas particulares prepare awesome dishes for good value

  5. Loved the pictures and your description of Cuba. I have always been interested in Cuba and the Cuban culture. My father visited Cuba many years ago and had some interesting stories to tell. Maybe I will get there some day too.

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