7 Pieces Of Advice For Those Who Travel Alone

Traveling solo? 

Traveling alone can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also be one of the most daunting adventures to embark on if you’re not prepared. If you’re thinking about traveling alone, or even if you’ve already started your journey, these seven pieces of advice can help you make the most of your trip and ensure that you have a safe and fun time exploring any country you chose to visit.

1) Travel light

You don’t need to bring everything you own on your trip, nor should you. To ensure you aren’t bringing too much luggage around during your travels, write down a list of essentials you need and leave what you won’t need at home. It will free up the space in your bag and give you more room to buy stuff during your trip. 

Then before heading to bed at night, double-check that all your clothes are clean and placed neatly inside your bag so you don’t have to run around your apartment packing everything last minute right before the trip.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to a country in which you’ll be moving around more, be sure to check the limits on how much luggage you can take on your flight and evaluate how much you’ll be able to physically carry around without getting exhausted.

For instance, if it’s okay to take a full-sized carry-on and one personal item with you but not two—be sure to pack accordingly. You don’t want to have all of your belongings confiscated or reorganized at customs. 

Avoid embarrassment and missing out on opportunities by doing proper research beforehand; it will make things easier when traveling.

2) Check-in at least two hours before your flight

Some people love last-minute planning and random surprises, but it is more beneficial to book your flight in advance. The sooner you do so, the better the prices will be. The closer the date of your departure is – the higher the prices.

At least two hours before your flight leaves, check in online and print out your boarding pass. There are many unexpected things that can happen at the airport, so you better take some extra time to ensure you don’t miss the flight. In case your flight is delayed, remember that you’re entitled to some benefits from an airport, like free lunch or accommodation. So make sure to enquire about those.

3) Stay organized

It’s crucial to keep receipts from each transaction and hotel booking. It’s also helpful to make copies of your passport, visas, credit cards, driver’s license and anything else you may need if you lose your wallet. 

You should also make sure that everything on your itinerary is correct by contacting each place directly. If it’s not, have them change it right away so that nobody gets confused during check-in.

In addition, have a backup plan for when things don’t work out. For example, if you’re hoping to catch a train from Paris to Venice but realize it’s sold out or fully booked, book an alternate route or accommodation in Venice ahead of time so that you can still enjoy your trip without feeling like everything has gone awry. 

4) Be flexible

Traveling alone can at times feel daunting, especially if you don’t plan in advance. But not trying to stick with a plan that isn’t working or making accommodations for situations that arise along the way can lead to some great surprises and unexpected adventures. 

Traveling alone gives you a lot more flexibility and courage when it comes to exploring new things. There’s no one else around to influence your decision or put pressure on you, so why not try something fun that maybe intimidates you a little but you always wanted to try anyway. Since you have no one but yourself holding you back, just keep an open mind and an open heart, and take the opportunities when they present themselves. 

Explore new cuisines or check out an exhibit at a museum; do something different every day that leaves you with an experience or memory. Traveling is such a special experience and it’s often easier when there’s just one person who’s making all the decisions for themselves. So, get out there and explore like never before. You might just have a truly amazing experience, regardless of what your itinerary says.

5) Research your destination

Before you leave, take time to research your destination. Find out all you can about each location’s culture, customs, and practices. The more prepared you are when you go abroad, the better your experience will be. Do your homework ahead of time so that you aren’t overwhelmed by an adventure in a place where nothing is familiar. 

As a traveller, it’s also important to respect local cultures and social norms. If you’re invited into someone’s home, learn how to behave there: whether you need to take off your shoes, etc. Be respectful of food taboos. 

For example, if you don’t know how to use chopsticks at an Asian restaurant or have never been around people who speak another language before, it could make for an uncomfortable situation or even put you in danger. Knowing what to expect beforehand can help alleviate any anxiety or stress. It may also give you ideas on places to visit or things to do while you’re there!

6) Stay safe

When travelling alone, it is important to remain vigilant. While there’s nothing wrong with admiring an amazing view, don’t stand too close to an edge or wander off by yourself in areas that aren’t well-lit. 

Don’t let yourself become distracted by fiddling with a phone or a camera; always keep your eyes and ears open when traveling on foot, especially at night. If something feels off, stop moving and turn back immediately. Remember: your safety is of utmost importance while traveling alone.

Going back to point 5, check in advance if there are any areas that are better not visited, or hours spent somewhere else. Check the crime rate of the place and remeber that local pickpockets always take advantage of unsuspecting foreigners.

If you make friends with the locals, double-check their social media profiles to make sure they are worth your trust. You can even go further and check them on people search sites, for example Nuwber, to see if they haven’t lied about who they are. Meeting new people is great, but you shouldn’t trust everyone around blindly.

7) Relax and enjoy

Traveling solo can be challenging, but the best way to enjoy a new environment is to just relax and have fun. No one feels as much anxiety or excitement and experiences such highs and lows as a solo traveler. Therefore, it’s essential to keep a positive attitude, no matter what happens. Not just because it will help you through your travels but also because it will make you feel good about everything around you. 

So, if something goes wrong – you get lost, have an issue with your accommodation, or lose your passport and phone – don’t panic. Contact local police, explore other options and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Also, if you’re worried about getting lost or taking public transportation alone, go ahead and make new friends along the way but don’t allow those fears to stop you from having an incredible time. 

Besides, most cities offer many different methods of transportation so it’s easy for people traveling alone not only to get around but also take in some sights along the way. Whether taking a taxi, shuttle or public transport, use these methods as an opportunity to see parts of a city that others may miss!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning your first trip to a foreign country or simply traveling to a new city, it is essential to be careful at all times. While traveling solo can be exciting and fun, there are definitely dangers that should not be ignored. 

As long as you keep in mind some basic safety tips and stay positive while traveling alone, you can make your journeys far more enjoyable. Remember to pack light, protect yourself from pickpockets, stick with the crowd, and never leave your drink unattended!

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