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The fabulous celebrations that take place during Chinese New year are something that we all need to experience. The best thing about the celebrations are that they take place all over the world, so you don’t necessarily need to be in China to see the great show and celebrations. Chinese people have migrated all around globe which means that you are usually able to see the celebrations in most of the world’s major cities. If you love fireworks then you will absolutely love the fireworks displays that are on offer. China produces over ninety percent of all the fireworks in the world, and the guys from China certainly know how to put them to good use. So, forget about the fireworks shows you are used to seeing during the Guy Fawkes celebrations and get ready to be blown away by how the colourful explosions that fill the sky, I know that you will be absolutely stunned by how much effort goes into the these shows. It is believed that the fireworks will help to get rid of the bad spirits and also the bad luck from the last year, Chinese New Year focuses on the coming year and the luck that you will have. Take a look at this video to see what’s in store when you take part in the celebrations next year.

This year is the year of the horse. Each year is represented by an animal, there are twelve animals in total and the animal changes each year. Chinese people believe that this year, the year of the horse, is a lucky year for people to get married and for people to have children. Have you been putting off that proposal? Well, there’s no better time to do it because you are going to have all the luck in the world, go out and buy that ring you’ve had your eye on for sometime now.

We all have an animal that represents the year in which we were born. The animal is supposed to have similarities with us, not in terms of looks thankfully! We are supposed to have similar character traits to the animal that represents our date of birth. Do you know which animal you are? Enter your date of birth below to find out now. You will also be given a further insight into your character traits and also some future predictions.

The Thomas Cook Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder


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