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The  Canary Islands lay only sixty miles away from the coast of Africa and are on the same line of latitude as Florida, so it is not difficult to figure out why this ever-popular destination is sun soaked all year round. Even during the European winter months the weather is superb, it is the perfect place for you to escape the winter back home and enjoy a holiday full of sun.

Canary Islands

Instead of being stuck inside because it’s too cold to go out, you could be on any of the beautiful islands enjoying a number of activities. On your  trip you can go hiking, try a number of water sports, go swimming, hire bicycles, play golf, ride horses or simply lay on the beach soaking up the sun relaxing. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your Christmas in the Canary Islands? It is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those that want to enjoy a different kind of Christmas on a beach away from the wind and rain back home.


The best part about visiting during the Christmas period, December and January is that the beaches are transformed by sculptures made from the sand that can be as high as 4 meters. The locals boast that they are the best sand sculptures in the world! With the sculptures, the breath taking landscapes and the sun during wintertime there really is no reason for you not to be heading over to the Canary Islands at Christmas time. Paradise is just a short plane ride away, take a look at Promotur Turismo Canarias for some of the best offers and ideas for your Christmas holiday. Besides seeing the sculptures and enjoying the sun, you will also be able to indulge in some fantastic local cuisine, learn about the culture of the islands and explore one of the most interesting environments on the planet. The Canary Islands boasts 4 national parks, world heritage sites and biosphere reserves.


So it’s time to book your trip and enjoy a Christmas with a difference in the Canary Islands!



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