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Ever considered selling everything you own to travel the world? Quitting the rat race might be the stuff dreams are made of, but embarking on a new, nomadic lifestyle doesn’t have to be beyond the realms of possibility for most of us. More people than ever before are leaving their worries behind; instead of postponing their travel dreams until retirement, they’re doing it right now. There’s no better way to see the world, have amazing experiences and get to grips with other cultures than by travelling, and if you’re free of the shackles of your belongings, you’re free to go wherever you please.

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Selling vs renting

For many, selling up is a compulsory precondition in order to fund ones travels. After all, how else will you pay for your plane tickets, food supplies and services like healthcare? The only issue is finding a buyer in the current market of stagnated wages and overpriced properties. With house prices in the UK now pushing £300, 000 it is indeed difficult to find and close a deal in a hurry. However, there are companies out there who will buy your house fast. Property Rescue , for instance will buy your house within 48 hours – Definitely something to consider if you want to explore the world as soon as you can.  


On the other hand, if you’re planning to travel the world for a set period of time – a year, for instance – it might be wiser to have a base to come back to. Renting is a good idea if you’re considering returning to the same area after travelling – you can earn income as you travel and avoid losing money by selling when the market is down. It’s often possible to leave your belongings in your home too, provided you discuss this with your tenants. But remember you’ll have a mortgage, insurance and other costs to manage and you’ll need to hire a property manager to look after your place. There’s definitely a lot to consider, and it’s a personal choice.


Who’s already doing it?

There are couples and singles out there that are already living their travel dreams and their stories can be pretty inspirational. One of the most popular stories shared on social media earlier in 2016 was that of 30-year-old Katy Collins , a PR worker from Manchester who quit her job, sold her house and got on a one-way flight to Asia after her fiancé jilted her at the altar. Now the English and journalism graduate has fulfilled her dream of writing a novel, and has recently been offered a three-book deal with Carina UK publishers. Katy kept a travel blog during her adventures, which included backpacking in South America for 6 months and teaching English in France for 2 years, and as the blog grew in popularity, so did her passion for writing a book based on her adventures, which has been billed as ‘Bridget Jones goes backpacking.’

Couple Charlie Smith (29) and her fiancé Captain (34) sold their house to buy a boat and set sail around the world in 2015. The former model and ITV regional weather presenter and her architectural designer partner had little nautical knowledge, but took every course they could before their adventure began. The small size of their boat and free-of-charge anchoring at ports across the globe has made travelling on a budget possible.


Is it for you?

So can you really sell all your stuff and travel the world? Should you do it? If you’re lying awake at night dreaming of freedom, adventure and a break from the 9 to 5, then there’s no time like the present. You don’t have to sell everything – but if you want to, you’ll have more funds for your travels. Start by ‘detaching’ yourself from the things you own. You won’t need that Ikea mirror or Habitat sofa when you’re lounging on a white sandy beach in Thailand. Give yourself as much time as possible to sell stuff before your trip, research prices and make sure you’re making a decent profit. Sell things everywhere you can: to friends on Facebook, on Craigslist, on Gumtree, in your local paper or even at car boot sales.

Once you decide to take the plunge, there’s no looking back. This time next month you could be cruising Europe on your own sail boat, hiking in the Himalayas or teaching English in Thailand – the world is your oyster, and there’s no reason you need to wait until retirement to get out there and experience it for yourself.


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